Testicle Plush - Having a Ball - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow


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Our fluffy adorable testicles are now super big -- a humongous 9" x 8" x 4". Comes with an expanded booklike hangtag describing the joys of these family jewels, which produce sperm and sex hormones. Testosterone helps sperm find and fertilize eggs; sperm is the swimming cell responsible for the biologically male side of reproduction. Absolutely nuts! Safe for all ages. Designed in California, made in China. Safe for ages 3 and up.

This enlarged testicle will bring a smile during tough times. Give your urologic surgeon a gift they’ll never forget! Funny, weird gift for your father, a future doctor or anybody with a body. Delight your urologist, vasectomy doc, medical school student, health professional, or testicle enthusiast with this perfect plushie pillow. 100 percent polyester. Designed in California, made in China.

Nuts for more testicle treats? Having a Ball testicle tee, testicle tote bag, testicle mug, Grab Your Gonads testicular exam and so much more at our print-on-demand site iheartguts.threadless.com!

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Love it!

Thanks Dad!

While sitting here I am looking at this testicle and wow I feel intense joy! The blue shade matches mine perfectly! Back in 2012 my father and I were going fishing in the great state of Nebraska, and there was an incident... Long story short the hook got stuck :(. My father gave me a new one to replace what I lost. Thank you so much!