*SALE* Pituitary Gland Plush - Ain't Life Gland? - Puke Green Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow


More Pics!

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The color, in a shag-carpeted era so long ago, was charitably called "Avocado Green." I think fondly about the Avocado Green fridge in my childhood home. And I really love avocados. But if I can be real, the color is probably better described as "Puke Green." Even through 1970s-tinted glasses. Anyway, the color of our pituitary has changed and all of this rambling is a long way of saying this one's on SALE for half off so we can move them out of the warehouse and into your loving arms!

Huggable pituitary plush toy is 10.5" wide x 8" tall x 3.5” thick. Facts and educational information included with pituitary pillow. Love, life and much more are all in your head -- thanks to the pituitary! Even though the pituitary is just a tiny little pea-sized nubbin dangling beneath your brain, he is known as the master gland because he controls all of the other endocrine glands (however, it is controlled, in turn, by the hypothalamus). Its main functions include stimulating growth, regulating blood pressure, sex hormones, metabolism and water regulation. It’s one busy gland. 

We’re thinking of a master gland! Funny, weird gift for a future doctor or anybody with a body. Delight your endocrinologist, neuroscientist, pediatric neurosurgeon, medical school student, health professional, or pituitary gland enthusiast with this perfect plushie. 100 percent polyester. Designed in California, made in China.