Pineal Gland Plush - Sleep On It - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow


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If your dreams are sweet, thank your pineal gland! This endocrine champ secretes melatonin, a hormone that may control sleeping and waking patterns. It hangs out in the middle of the brain making this sweet sleepy substance all night long. The name comes from its pine-cone-like shape. Measures 8" tall x 8.5" wide x 4" thick and comes with a fun hangtag extolling the virtues of this special brainy gland! This pineal pillow will take you to the gland of nod. Slumber party! Safe for all ages. Designed in California, made in China.

Funny, weird gift for a future doctor or anybody with a body. Delight your endocrinologist, neuroscientist, third eye seeker, Descartes-lover (the philosopher believed the pineal gland to be the seat of the soul), medical school student, health professional, or pineal gland enthusiast with this special plushie. 100 percent polyester. Designed in California, made in China.

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