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Press – What Others Say…Awww, Thanks!

We’ve been very fortunate to have been featured in the fine news outlets below, read on for more. Are you a member of the media? Visit our comfy PRESS ROOM HERE.

2014.02.19-POPULAR-MECHANICS_bPopular Mechanics
I Heart Guts’ line of super plush organs help you bone up on your anatomy and also happen to look great on your couch. Hey, take it from Spleen, “Lymphin’ ain’t easy.” {Feb. 19, 2014}
Popular Science
Amidst the rows of board games and toddler toys, we found a booth of plush organs (can’t call them “stuffed animals,” right?). And the new Skin plush is amazing. It sports a hair follicle, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands, as well as a welcoming smile fit for the body’s largest organ. Also amazing: The designer, Wendy Bryan, told us that she continually had to deflect people who wanted Skin designed as a blanket. We’re happy she opted to avoid a Hannibal Lecter plaything. {Feb. 19, 2014}
Most toy makers have to worry about others knocking off their ideas. Wendy Lazar probably does not. Her company, I Heart Guts, makes plush toys of the human body’s major organs—including this dashing blue testicle complete with what she calls an epididymal comb-over. The awful puns on the sales tags offer an added kick. But where’s the market for a toy like this? “Urologists like it,” Lazar offered. {Feb. 19, 2014}

Glamour Blog
“This Friday, select Nordstrom stores across the country will launch the third edition of its in-house Pop-In. This time around, the theme is “New Beginnings”—and the carefully curated merch will feature everything you need to kick off your new year right, from cool new designers to discover to new age-y products to play around with, beauty products for that new-year-new-you feeling, and other resolutions-oriented goodies for 2014. The I Heart Guts teeth brooch, one of my personal favorites from the collection.” By Danica Lo {Jan. 7, 2014}
BALTIMORE-SUN.2013.12.31Baltimore Sun
Story about organs donated via “swapping” at John Hopkins included a photo of transplant recipient John Davis holding his I Heart Guts plush kidney. Photo by Kenneth K. Lam, Baltimore SunRead the story here. {Dec. 12, 2013}
“Quantum mechanics? More like cunt-um mechanics, amirite?! Anatomical plush toy company I Heart Guts has rolled out this pretty great chart outlining the highlights (and lowlights) of menstruation. Based on everyone’s second favorite science room poster (behind Carol of course), the table delineates everything including cravings, birth control, biochemicals, moods, and even the terms of endearment we use to refer to the art of bleeding out our lady lining… So whether you’re in a Dalton of pain and just want to be Mendeleft alone, or you feel like a goddamn beautiful gamma ray of sunlight, shining with all your Meit-ner, this fun and educational chart sure won’t be a Bohr.” Read more here… By Isha Aran. {Dec 4, 2013}
FAST-CO-2013.10_bFast Company
Our spleen was included in a matrix graphic about the wares at Fab.com — is Fab more MoMa or Spencer’s Gifts, they ask? “From alligator meat to Andy Warhol furniture, plot Fab’s products on our classy-to-kitschy interactive matrix.” According to Fast Company, I Heart Guts plots somewhere between hipster and low design, slightly less hip than a cap with knitted bear, but not as kitschy as a hamburger sweatshirt. We say WIN!  {Oct. 2013}
99INVISIBLE-2013.08.21_b99% Invisible Podcast
I Heart Guts was included in a fascinating podcast about I Love NY trademark violations, take a listen here and enjoy the sound of Milton Glaser’s voice in this great podcast by 99% Invisible. “I spend my day pushing things around until they look good. That’s what I do,” says Mr. Glaser. By Mooj Zadie {Aug. 21, 2013}
PROJECT-RUNWAY.2013.08.05_bProject Runway – Season 12 Episode 4
If you’re a fan of Project Runway, you may have seen a guts shirt this past season! During a segment about designer Bradon McDonald’s relationship with his wonderful boyfriend (and an old dear friend of ours) Josh Winograde, they showed a photo of Josh wearing this I Heart Guts tee. Thanks, Josh and congrats on the engagement! {Aug. 5, 2013}
Java.july-aug.2013_bJava Magazine
Java is a Phoenix, AZ, magazine dedicated to arts and ideas and their July/August cover story features the marvelous Amy Del Castillo of Phoenix store Lulubell Toy Bodega, which carries tons of great indie toys including I Heart Guts! We were so happy and flattered that Amy chose to hold our heart in her hands during her photoshoot, thanks, Amy! {July/Aug 2013}
ENEWS-SDCC.2013.07.26_bE! News Comic Con 2013 Coverage
The I Heart Guts booth ended up on E! News’ sweeping footage of the Comic Con International show floor — they were likely looking for celebrities or someone dressed like Dr. Who but they got guts instead. Special thanks to Jason Ware for grabbing this screenshot for us! {July 20, 2013}
DC Geeks Podcast: Lungs and Livers and Bladders and Hearts
Nerdlesque, DC Bronies and I Heart Guts! “It’s that time again! A new guest and a new podcast, and this week’s is fantastic because we have Wendy Bryan from I Heart Guts! Wendy was at the Sakura Matsuri this year, but it was nearly impossible to work your way through the throng of adoring customers. Evidently kawaii plushy organs were in high demand at the festival. Which is what we at DC Geeks always love to see for local vendors.” {WARNING: there is some, uh, “colorful” language in here, so, don’t listen if you are sensitive to curse words or sitting in a roomful of small children!} Listen to the podcast here. {05.30.2013}
Nikkei-Drug-InformationVol-5-2013_bNikkei Drug Information
We are honored to announce that our plush kidney is featured in a photo illustration for a story about kidney medications in the May 2013 issue of Nikkei Drug Information, a pharmacy journal in Japan. The story describes how some drugs doses must be adjusted depending on the patient’s kidney function. This is so exciting, I could practically pee. {05.01.2013}
TEDXTALK3_bTEDx Bloomington – Making Sex Normal
Kinsey Institute sexual health educator Debby Herbenick included a few gutsy items – our Grab Your Gonads poster and ovary and testicle buttons — in her Making Sex Normal talk at TEDx Bloomington. The belief that human beings — throughout their lives — deserve to have access to accurate information about their bodies and sexuality drives much of Herbenick’s work. Audience members got to take home testicle and ovary buttons as gifts! {03.22.2013}
diabetic-living.2013.06_bDiabetic Living
“Here’s a gift idea that only people with diabetes could love: a plush pancreas pillow. Why not buy an organ when yours doesn’t work so well? The internal organs (and glands) are the creation of illustrator Wendy Bryan, who started I Heart Guts in 2005. Today, the company sells 24 pillows, including a liver, ovary, bladder, kidney, thyroid, brain and more.” {05.01.2013}
dentistryIQ.2013.04.09_bDentistry IQ
“What do a purple gall bladder, a blue brain, a green spleen, and a white tooth all have in common? They’re all plush pillows offered by I Heart Guts, the creative company behind the colorful, internal organ plush toys. With the new plush tooth toy, this is the company’s first entry into the dental scene. The tooth’s name? Flossin’ Ain’t Just for Gangstas.” Read more… {04.09.2013}
thedoctors.2013.03.12_bThe Doctors
Our uterus made an appearance in the hands of Dr. Allison Hill on TMI Tuesdays special episode of The Doctors — Women’s Embarrassing Questions: Uncensored. {03.12.2013}
THEWEEK-2012.02.10_bThe Week
“What’s the most scientifically accurate way to say ‘I love you’? Giving your dearest a scientifically accurate plush heart, of course. Its informative tag explains the organ’s workings.” Source: Mental Floss. {02.10.2013}
mentalfloss.2012.02.14_bMental Floss: 12 Ways to Give Your Heart
“I Heart Guts toy company has anatomically-correct hearts in a rather friendly-looking plush version that will last for years. This heart is even suitable for children, especially those learning about the body and its organs. But the hearts get creepier as the list continues.” {02.14.2013}
“Created by Wendy Bryan in 2005, I Heart Guts has been family owned and operated from day one. Coming in from Washington DC for NY Toy Fair 2013, Bryan brought along her second family, the plushies of internal organs that have made her company so popular.” Read more… {Feb. 16, 2013}
huffpost.2013.02.20_bHuffington Post – Weird News
12 Weirdest Toys Coming To Your Child’s Bedroom This Year, Featured At Toy Fair 2013
“Beanie Babies, OUT. Plush mammaries, ovaries and testicles by I Heart Guts, IN. They come in a variety of colors so your freak child’s room will at least match.” By Andy Campbell {Feb. 13, 2013}
babble.2013.02.15_bBabble – 17 Hilariously Absurd Plush Toys Your Toddlers Will Never Know They’re Missing
“Toddlers should learn about their body and its parts. They should learn their real names and functions. Most people can agree on that. Can we also agree that they don’t need plush replicas of each body part? I survived my childhood without a stuffed mammary gland and gallbladder; my toddler will, too.” Read on… By Meredith Carroll {Feb. 13, 2013}
school.library.journal.2013.02.20_bSchool Library Journal – Toy Fair: Top Library Picks
“What better way to start a conversation about body organs and body parts than to have plush one on hand?  I Heart Guts creates hearts, brains, eyes, and many other parts that sell for $20.” By Rocco Staino {Feb. 13, 2013} 
nyulocal.2013.02.13_bNYU Local – Weird Toys at Toy Fair
“I Heart Guts – Have you ever wanted to snuggle up to a pancreas, or give a pair of testicles a goodnight squeeze? If so, you’re in luck! I Heart Guts makes plush toys in the shape of human organs—except that they have adorable faces on them. Never, ever has a bladder looked so cute.” By Melissa Cronin {Feb. 13, 2013}
apartmenttherapy.2013.03.27_bApartment Therapy – 10 Family Picks From the NYIGF
“Lions and bears and tigers, oh my! Oh my, were they in abundance this year at the New York International Gift Show! While there was certainly no shortage of delightful gifts for tots and kids of all ages, quite a few items managed to stand out at this year’s show. Looking for a gift for an expecting friend or your own child? Take a gander at some of my favorite family finds from NYIGF 2013 below. 9. I Heart Guts Plush Organs.” By Joelle Alcaidinho {Mar. 27, 2013}

People Magazine
A big thumbs up and bear hug to actress Kristen Bell, who shouted out the guts in People magazine’s 2012 celebrity gift guide. Not only is this woman talented and sloth-obsessed, she is also a fabulous Aunt. Bell said of our guts, “These will make teaching my nephew about the inside of his body really fun.” {12.23.2012}

ANAT-IN-MOTION-2012.12.06_bAnatomy in Motion’s Favorite Things: Anatomical Gift Guide
An honor to be included in Anatomy In Motion‘s holiday gift guide! {12.06.12}
nerdywithchildren.2012.12_bNerdy With Children
“Scientists may still be trying to work out all the nuances of the brain, but kids can already see exactly how cute and cuddly it can be when you put little eyes and a bright smile on it. I Heart Guts has created an entire series of plush organs for children, but the Big Brain Plush is the central hub of the set. Without it, none of the other adorable plush organs could work!” Read on… {11.07.2012}
The New York Times – Motherlode Blog
Holy moses, the awesome NYT Motherlode blog covered our Good Ol’ Menstrual Cycle as one of many educational resources to be found at New York Comic Con: “The happy little uterus who is this empowering and informative poster’s de facto mascot is so adorable, you may get rooked into buying the plushie. A far more festive classroom decoration option than cut-outs of pumpkins and Pilgrims, you could frame it in the bathroom (or living room) so the whole family’s clear on the monthly mechanics.” Note from editor KJ: I just ordered this, along with the Meet Your Body poster, because this is my idea of ‘decorating’ the upstairs.By Ayun Halliday
The New York Times
A story about lady-owned businesses at the fanboy-dominated New York Comic Con scene included a Guts mention: “Wendy Bryan, who lives in Washington, has been bringing her I Heart Guts line of plush toys to New York Comic Con and other trade shows for several years. She said she typically makes enough money selling the toys — modeled after human organs — to break even, but there is an intangible benefit as well. ‘There’s a significant long-term bump in sales that’s harder to quantify,’ she said…. Ms. Bryan, though, attributed an increase in traffic among women seeking her I Heart Guts goods to something a bit more personal. ’A geek girl wants to buy a uterus that she can hug or punch depending on the time of the month,’ she said.” By Gregory Schmidt

childrenshospital.2012.09.12Childrens Hospital
Our plush kidney appeared onscreen with Henry Winkler on Childrens Hospital, one of the most genius shows ever, on “Return of the Young Billionaire” episode. I can die happy now. Fonzie! Our ovary also appeared at the nurses’s station in “A Year in the Life” and there was a heart lurking somewhere in “A Kid Walks Into a Hospital.” {09.13.2012}
Swiss Miss
“I Heart Guts makes seriously fabulous Plush Organs. Yes, I said plush organs. The designs are fun and they’re cuddly but the best part are the tag lines, i.e I’m a Liver, not a Fighter or Womb Service for the Uterus. I Heart Guts is the brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator, Wendy Bryan, who loves internal organs and all they do. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Wendy at the Gift Fair a few weeks back and her unique personality made me love her products even more. Psst… Heart of Gold Lapel Pin makes for a fantastic small gift!” {09.04.2012}
Washington Post – Capital Business
“‘Do you know where your thyroid is?’ asks Wendy Bryan, peering down at 8-year-old Devin Thoren through a pair of thick-framed sunglasses with the lenses popped out. The Woodbridge youngster looks back at her and shakes his head. He has no idea. So Bryan grabs a plush, canary-yellow version of the metabolism regulator and stuffs it under the boy’s chin. Bryan makes fuzzy, stuffed toys that resemble human organs. That’s the simple job description. Some days she acts as a de facto medical therapist for recovering patients; other days she plays the role of an anatomy educator for young kids.”  Read more… By Steven Overly. {05.05.2012}
Games Magazine
“Stomachs! Hearts! Brains! Now, we’re not about to review a 2012 interactive web-based version of the game Operation. These particular innards (or ultra-cute facsimiles thereof) can be found at the website iheartguts.com, home to some of the weirdest stuffed toys I have ever seen.” Read more… Interview by Kevin Boone. {04.01.2012}
Mental Floss: 
8 Seemingly Harmless Toys That Were Yanked Off the Shelf
“Aside from being a little strange, this squishy pink uterus plush looks pretty innocuous. But when manufacturer I Heart Guts performed a pull test and found the toy didn’t pass, they released a voluntary recall announcement that stated, “the ovaries may detach when pulled, becoming a potential small part choking hazard for young children.” If you’d like your kiddo to experience the joy of owning an anthropomorphic womb toy, don’t despair: there’s a new version available now, and the Huge Uterus Plush promises to be “bigger, fluffier, pinker and now child-safe!” By Adrienne Crezo. {03.27.2012}
Forbes Russia: 10 Most Bizarre Soft Toys
Говоря о прекрасном внутреннем мире, мы в первую очередь имеем в виду человеческую душу. Создатели серии игрушек I Heart Guts пошли дальше: они решили, что и внутренние органы тоже могут быть если не прекрасными, то уж точно милыми. По словам Венди Брайан, стоявшей у истоков проекта, именно так выглядели бы внутренности Hello Kitty — популярного персонажа японской массовой культуры. Впрочем, прямого отношения к бренду Hello Kitty плюшевые почки, кишки и мочевые пузыри не имеют. Read in English… {03.16.2012}

experience-ESPN-DISNEY_2012.02ESPN Los Angeles / Disney Radio
We had the good fortune to chat with LaFern Cusack, the delightful host of The Experience on ESPN LA/Disney Radio, all about our Valentine’s Day Pop-up Shop at Munky King on Melrose, where 10% of sales went to the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic. Listen to the interview here. {02.11.2012}
LUT #22
“Have a ball while snuggling with your soft plush testicle, or ovary or bladder, or brain or intestines or anatomical heart.” Watch the whole fab LÜT video here on the VSauce channel. {02.12.2012}
DCist: Weekend Picks
“What says I love you better than a plush internal organ? Harvest a heart, gallbladder, testicle, appendix, or other cuddly inside bit at the I Heart Guts pop-up shop at Trohv (232 Carroll Street NW) this weekend through February 14th. Ten percent of sales will be donated to George Washington University’s Healing Clinic.” {02.11.2012}
Baltimore Fishbowl
“If you want to say I love you in a new and different way, say “I Heart Your Guts” with a stuffed intestine from I Heart Guts. The unusual plush toys will be on sale at Trohv on The Avenue in Hampden and 10 percent of the sales from the to will go to the John Hopkins Urban Health Institute. Give the “When Urine Love” kidney shirt, or proffer an “I Lung You” lapel pin to your beloved. Instead of roses and chocolate, how about a stuffed testicle (“Having a Ball”) or ovary (“Ova Achiever”) to let your honey know you’re in the mood for love?” {01.20.2012}
Last Call With Carson Daly
The guts invaded this interview in the hands of David Wain, the director and producer of the wickedly funny Adult Swim show “Childrens Hospital.” Apparently the Guts are serving on-set as the show’s mascots! {Dec. 21, 2011}
National Public Radio – Shots – NPR Health Blog
“At the heart of every convention worth its salt is the exhibit hall. But only at the American Public Health Association annual meeting can you find a plush heart for sale. Along with stuffed spleens, brains and uteruses.”  Read more… {11.01.2011}
Boing Boing
“I Heart Guts sells absolutely excellent plush internal organs. I ran into them at New York Comic-Con today and had a chance to play with their wares, and they’re adorable, well-made, and well, organy. They also have a fine line in cute anthropromorphic internal organ stickers.” – by Cory Doctorow {10.16.2011}
Nikkei Medical
The heart, liver, lung and kidney appeared on the October 2011 cover of Nikkei Medical to illustrate a story about the increase in donations since the Organ Transplant Act was passed in Japan. The amazing and awesome Lanta Design Co., Ltd. firm in Tokyo came up with the concept for the cover, the guts are merely models in their fabulous concept. {10.01.2011}
Ohdeeoh: Plush Organs & Guts To Get Your Snuggle On
“I was never big on dolls or typical girly things. That said, the science nerd in me would have started much earlier with a few plush organs or guts to snuggle up with at night. It’s normal to own a plush spleen right? What about a bladder? Lungs? But they’re sooo cute! There are all sorts of organs to call your own over at I Heart Guts. It’s a super site that’s set out to have a little fun and education at the same time. You can pick up individual organs, or an entire reproductive set if you so desire. Each organ costs less than $20 and we’re positive it’s one toy your kids will remember even when their plush and doll days are through. Check out all the guts and sets over at I Heart Guts. Which one is your favorite? I’m rather partial to the life size lungs myself!” {08.09.2011}
Bakerella Kidney Cake Pops
“Take a guess what these are. I wasn’t sure I was going to make them or not. Leading up to my transplant, I had a lot of people suggest that I do, but for the longest time I thought kidney-shaped cake pops would just be kind of weird. That is until I received a surprise in the mail…” Read more of Bakerella’s story and learn how to make your own kidney cake pops here!
io9.com – Best of Comic-Con 2011
“I Heart Guts has several new plushes debuting at Comic-Con, including this stuffed intestine (with an adorable, if vestigial, appendix).” {07.21.2011}
“The ‘I Heart Guts’ Intestine Plush Shows the Cuter Side of Organs: Instead of traumatizing your kids with an episode of E.R. or a gory horror movie, introduce them to organs in a more friendly way with the I Heart Guts’ Intestine Plush. The plush is the adorable version of one of our many organs. In fact, it would almost make you wish that your heart, lungs and everything else inside had a smile just like the products from the company. The soft toy features a happy intestine and a card that educates owners on what its function does. In case you’re wondering, yes, they do let kids know that it excretes waste — or in the case of a five-year-old, poop or number two.” {06.30.2011}
Laughing Squid
“Family run, plush organ vendor, I Heart Guts, is at it again, this time with a new and improved plush large intestine. It comes with a detailed booklet hangtag that has intestine trivia and cute art: ‘For all your gastrointestinal freaks out there, take a peek at our new and improved plush intestines! If you’ve ever want a large intestine, this is the one for you, comes with a booklet hangtag filled with silly drawings and all the intestine trivia one could ever digest in one sitting.’” {06.28.2011}
Capricho Magazine (Brazil)
A Brazilian teenybopper magazine, Capricho, is ballsier than most girly rags — they were odd enough to ask to use our Good Ol’ Menstrual Cycle poster to translate into Portuguese for their April 2011 issue. I also got to fulfill an odd need to draw happy tampons and pads! If you want to see them close-up, we have better pics on our blog. {04.01.2011}
Imprint: Print Magazine’s Blog
“Are you, like my boyfriend, horrible? If you are, and are also terminally tardy, then you’ll find some use of this assortment of Valentine’s Day gifts made especially for horrible people….What did I get? Oh, I got a lovely little black PVC vinyl heart with red-embroidered valves and a little silver-embroidered face. It’s just big enough to punch!” {02.14.2011}
Los Angeles Magazine Chic Leak
Not the sentimental type? Skip the box of See’s Candies and instead opt for a ‘Humongous Heart’ plush toy by I Heart Guts. It comes with a tag that explains the workings of the muscular organ. If your loved one shares our inclinations for this cute coeur, he or she will want to collect the other body parts in this line designed by an Angeleno.” {02.07.2011}
“We have been waiting years for this. Seriously, how did it take so long for us to notice the predictable followup to the famous plush microbes and stuffed waste products? Maybe it’s because it never occurred to us to try searching for ‘stuffed, plush organs.’ Really, it sounds risky. Anyway, thanks to our friend 33Charts we’ve finally discovered Plush Organs… from the company called I Heart Guts. Perfect gift for that nephrologist / cardiologist / neurologist / surgeon or other specialist someone. We are a little puzzled, though, by some of the color choices. Sure, kidneys are purple and the bladder is yellow. Why is the brain blue? And we’re distressed by this company’s tendency to overstep the definition of “organs” to include more glandular tissue (really, who’s buying the stuffed prostate?)” {02.01.2011} editor’s note: believe it or not, we actually sell an awful lot of prostates, fellas.
Chicago Parent Magazine
“No guts, no glory, as they say, and with I Heart Guts, the emphasis is squarely on embracing your body from the inside out. This collection of friendly-faced, huggable plush organs doesn’t just provide parents with a little adult humor (“urine for a treat”), but also acts as a learning tool for curious kids, since each includes a trivia-like explanation of its basic functions.” by Maria Pilar Clark {02.01.2011}
Maximum PC – Geek Gift Roundup
“As part of our Geek Gift Week extravagazna, we tracked down ten awesome geeky plushie toys. From Star Wars to zombies, talking bacon to internal organs, we’ve found some of the best plushie gifts for the geek in your life.” {12.21.2010}

The Australian
“One way to avoid the pressure of trying to give the perfect gift is to opt instead for giving the weirdest gift. The I Heart Guts web site has some excellent kitschmas gift ideas, including life-sized toy lungs, gigantic gallbladders and sweat gland lapel pins. Also appropriate for the holiday ethanol marathon is the ‘I’m a liver, not a fighter‘ T-shirt.” {12.18.2010}
Goedele Magazine (Belgium)
Best I could do was Google Translate from Dutch: “That her husband would never forget the days he does not effort should do to wives to understand the American Wendy Bryan menstrual cycle comprehensively summarized in this beautiful poster. The bloody mess on day one of the hormonal six days on the progesterone peak on day 21: Wendy brought it here plastic and practical in focus, and had once even a handy guide true for many children to let go. As proof: Meanwhile Wendy’s become a mother.” {09.2010}

G4 TV Comic Con Coverage
G4 reporter Alison Haislip stopped by the I Heart Guts booth at Comic Con 2010 to show us some love. Here’s what she had to say: “I think I have found the coolest booth at Comic Con. I have never seen something so disturbing, yet so absolutely adorable. It’s I Heart Guts and it’s all cute little plushie adorable innards. I just picked up a uterus — it’s so cute! It goes somewhere around here… And my personal favorite — the testicle. Love you, Comic Con!” {07.24.2010}
Mental Floss: 10 Bizarre but Cuddly Plush Toys
“Since I posted a list called Plush Toys Grownups Will Love a couple of years ago, I’ve been collecting new and different stuffed toys that appeal to one’s sense of fun, irony, and/or anarchy in one way or another. #1. Human Organs: I Heart Guts has soft and cuddly organs of all kinds, from brains to bladders. Shown is the new Sexy Glands Reproduction Set, which includes testis, ovary, prostate, and mammary glands.” {07.22.2010}
Nylon Blog Site and Song of the Day
“Today’s site, I Heart Guts, is a friendly reminder to take care of your body with sunscreen, water, rest, fruit, veggies and happiness! Today’s song, “Bring on the Night,” is by The Police, before you were born.” {07.07.2010}
“This Father’s Day, give dad something he won’t ever forget: tell ‘im to play with his balls – no you silly, this Testicle Plush from I Heart Guts (or if you’re more into sappy display of love and emotions, how about the Heart Plush?)” {06.07.2010}
At-Maariv (Israel)
“Based on failed relationships that end in a broken heart, inspired this series of dolls that come from the stomach from Wendy Bryan, who is self-proclaimed obsessed with anatomy.  Not just the heart and brain, but the uterus, liver, prostate and pancreas–all of which are portrayed with humor as soft, sweet dolls.” We love seeing some of our favorite recent fellow gut-loving design pals, like The Organ Donor vinyl toys by FOOX and Mathieu Lehanneur’s awesome Flat Surgery organ rug series. {06.2010}
Plastic and Plush: I Heart Guts Reproduce
“The fine folks at I Heart Guts have released four new internal organ plushies. This line has definitely grown on me…not literally. They’re very amusing, and you should be able to pick each of these plushies up for $14.00 or so.” {05.16.2010}
Growing Your Baby: Education With a Plush Twist
“Nothing beats hands on experience for bringing a lesson home. But just how do you get a fun hands on experience while teaching little ones about the inner workings of the body? I Heart Guts has just the answer! Founded in 2005, this family run company creates plush organs. Yes, that’s right, plush organs! After learning about what they do, future surgeons can now take their very own plush brain, heart or lung up to bed with them! Twelve organs are available in all, including the heart, lung, brain, pancreas and liver. Each plush organ comes with a tag telling you exactly what it is that the organ does. The pancreas for example ‘produces digestive enzymes so you can eat, but it is best known for making the hormone insulin, which processes glucose and sugar from the bloodstream. Isn’t that sweet?’”{05.04.2010}
Herald Review Health Blog: Toy Gory
“Check out the Ovary and Testis Underwear – Sexy Booty Shorts on the I Heart Guts site. The product description for the shorts reads ‘These fancy pants feature the ovaries and testicles in a chance encounter on your underwear.’  The line features a cast of plush characters modeled after human organs including the “Ova Achiever” (ovary) the “Gland of Milk and Honey” (mammary gland) and “Gland Slam” (parathyroid gland). There are also a few tongue-in-cheek e-cards offering condolences for the loss of a gallbladder, thyroid or spleen (and a couple more that I found offensive.) Ever encountered anything like this stuff? It’s weird and slightly disturbing but also … oddly … collectible.” {04.16.2010}


NBC Los Angeles News
“‘Getting to know your testicles is something that every man should do,’ said Wendy Bryan, founder of I Heart Guts, a Los Angeles-based company that creates plush internal organs. Testicular Cancer Awareness Week is celebrated April 1-7. Prior to creating a poster in honor of Testicular Cancer Awareness Week, Bryan was curious to see how often men touch their testicles each day, so she used the company’s blog to directly ask men. ‘It’s a very unscientific poll we conducted on our blog, and yes, 40 percent of men who responded to the poll said they touch their testicles more than six times a day. So it’s quite a number,’ said Bryan.”{04.08.2010}
ReadyMade Make Nice blog
“Happy World Kidney Day, everyone! Today might not be marked on your calendar, but for kidney donors like me, it’s a big deal. Two and a half years ago, I donated a kidney to my mom, and it was the best/scariest/coolest thing I’ve done in my life thus far. One of the great things about donating a kidney (besides the whole life-saving part) was my discovery of I Heart Guts, a super-neat indie business that makes medical stuff fun with t-shirts, plush guts, and other cute representations of your innards. Plush You! has a great interview with the proprietor of I Heart Guts, who talks about their handmade roots and how they’re working with non-profits to raise funds for folks and organizations in need. Today I’ll be toasting them and the future health of all kidneys with a big ol’ glass of water!” {03.11.2010}
“Hate hearts? Whether you’re in love, lust or just kinda-sorta like, you can’t hide from the hearts—truly one of St. Valentine’s most abhorrent and over-marketed symbols—this time of year. But instead of the traditional (and super-lame) candy box kind, we recommend investing in some multi-valved, blood-pumping organ presents that are anything but sugar-coated. Keep clicking to see the ones we heart most…I Heart Guts plush heart. Perfect for: The person who makes your little guy smile and pump overtime.” By Maggie Furlong. {02.14.2010}
Super Cute Kawaii
“Remember when I was sick a few months back? Well, this is what I was having removed – my gall bladder. It was not quite as cute as this one, but it did grumble when I ate just about anything, including this yummy-looking ice cream. Bunny san gave me a plush gall bladder from I Heart Guts to remind me of the bad old days and so I discovered the world of stuffed body organs! It’s a fun way of giving a get well gift – heart problems? “Ladies” problems? Pancreas playing up? They’ve got them all covered! It was a get well gift that really cheered me up – it made me laugh so much I forgot that it hurt to breathe. So check them out!” {02.12.2010}
frizz-2010.02Frizz Das Magazin
Dresden-based German magazine Frizz included some guts, including our teal When Urine Love shirt modeled by lovely Chuva and plush guts set, in their February issue — yay! {02.2010}
“Internal organs tend to be a case of out of sight out of mind, at least until they start acting up. I Heart Guts ($14) aren’t your ordinary stuffed toys. They transform each organ of the body from a mysterious, and somewhat icky, unknown entity into a cuddly, nonthreatening toy. The perfect get well gifts for anything from a stomachache to a kidney transplant, these comforting friends will have you smiling inside and out.” {01.19.2010}
bust-2009.12.10Bust Online
“I’ll admit it — when Craftacular guru Susan said ‘You gotta check out this lady’s plush uterus,’ I was more than a little skeptical. But surprise! These guts are adorable, and I heart them, too. The I Heart Guts website features little tidbits of info about all your favorite internal organs (in case you need to brush up on what the spleen does), as well as an awesome store full of t-shirts, pins, stickers, and plush organs. I’m crushin’ hard on the limited edition faux patent leather Black Heart with metallic stitching and a little tear of blood. I’m also really into this t-shirt that says ‘I got the beat!’ with a bouncing heart illustration. So, to review: I Heart Guts will be on hand at the LA Craftacular with guts galore for you to hug and love! And if you’re not on the West Coast this weekend, see if one of these stores can provide you with your very own stuffed pancreas.” {12.10.2009}
“With her company I Heart Guts, Bryan has made soft, approachable versions of our internal organs. Her adorable characters can also be found on shirts, stickers, artwork and posters — all in celebration of the wonders of the human body. Bryan, who is now a mom, shares her enthusiasm for anatomy by making the world a fun and gutsy place.” {12.03.2009}
pregnancy-newborn-nov-2009Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
What’s Hot Now: “Get your little Rachel Ray or Gwen Stefani headed in the direction of success with these cuddly occupation-inspiring toys.” {11.2009}
menstrual cycle explainedHuffington Post
“Menstrual cycles can be baffling, and that’s why I really want to make a special poster explaining this special time of the month, mostly so I can justify to my poor husband exactly why I am feeling totally insane. “It’s not me, honey, it’s the progesterone spiking,” or, “Can you understand now why I’m being a total bee-yatch? I’ve got at least five different hormones coursing through my body right now. I’m on drugs.” Marvel at the leutenizing hormone! Be amazed as the estrogen takes a nosedive during ovulation! Check out the egg as it takes its long journey through your reproductive system! Anyway, check it out and give me feedback — calling all OB/GYNs! Editors! Anatomy nuts! Sex educators! — before I send this thing to the printer. I know it’s a little crazy-looking, design-wise, but then again, so’s the menstrual cycle.” {10.23.2009}
jezebel menstrual cycle Jezebel
“Since we’re currently working on the hypothesis that we are cycle-syncing over the Internet, illustrator I Heart Guts’ menstrual flow-chart is both handy and topical. Legends like ‘Day 13: HORMONE PARTY!’ and ‘LUTEAL LUNACY!’ make bleeding seem…fun. I Heart Guts explains herself thusly: ‘The guts grew from a single drawing of a broken heart, after a string of bad hookups, dead-end relationships and lame-o boyfriends. At the time, I was also doing a lot of drinking and smoking, so a sad liver and bummed-out lung followed.’ Sounds like our kind of lady. I’m raising my it’s-after-noon cup o’ Blog Juice to you, whoever you are! Meanwhile, I think I have an EGG PREPARING TO ESCAPE, so, let me get right on that..” {10.23.2009}
I Heart Guts started as a line of plush representations of internal anatomical organs – I suppose there’s a market for just about everything – and has now grown into a semi-serious educational resource. This month I Heart Guts is tackling menstrual cycles, sharing a draft of a new poster and seeking input from sex educators, OB/GYNs, and anatomy nuts before it goes to the printer and the I Heart Guts Store, but it looks to me like they’ve got it just about right. Hormone party!” {10.23.2009}
bizarre-mag-guts-2009-09 Bizarre Magazine (UK)
“Urine for a treat if you buy a plush bladder, or follow your gut and order womb service by purchasing a uterus.” {10.02.2009}
the-soap-uterus-shirt-hardwick The Soup
Holy cow, Web Soup host Chris Hardwick wore our Womb Service shirt while presenting the glories of weird internet videos on E! Channel’s “The Soup.” We love a man in a uterus shirt. Some of the bulletin board comments about the shirt cracked us up: “I was so distracted by trying to figure out what was hanging off the fallopian tube of his uterus/ovary shirt I wasn’t even paying attention to what he was saying.” {08.21.2009}
lat-home-2009.08.21_b Los Angeles Times
Our menstrual cycle pillow got a shout out alongside Unique LA in the Los Angeles Times Home & Garden blog: “Unique Los Angeles, a fair for independent crafty folks and designers, is staging a mini-market at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood this Sunday, Aug. 23. Among the more than 60 vendors: I Heart Guts, purveyors of stuffed toys shaped like internal organs and a cute new line of pillows, including this one.” {08.21.2009}

nerdist-office-parkour-2009Nerdist: Extreme Office Parkour
Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick wore our Guts and Glands shirts while leaping over cubicles in “Extreme Office Parkour.” Fantastic! {07.20.2009}
mtv-iggy-blog-guts-2009-10 MTV’s Iggy Blog
“Anatomically clueless? Get a first-class education at I Heart Guts. Browse the guts & glands archives to better understand your very own, hard-working bits and pieces. Want something more… hands on? Grab a plush lung or a ‘Gall of the Wild’ tee at the I Heart Guts online shop or send a ‘Congratulations on Your Kidney Transplant’ e-card!” {07.02.2009}
Cool Hunting
“After a slew of lousy relationships cured by heavy drinking, the designer and brains behind I Heart Guts! found restitution in creating Black Heart. Known for their very colorful soft organ creatures, the faux patent leather Black Heart is a welcome macabre addition to the gutsy lineup. The perfect gift for the rock star in your life, the black heart features shiny fabric, metallic stitching and a bloody red tear drop. We had the pleasure of seeing the quirky organ at indie design show Unique Los Angeles last weekend, where the plush heart made our own melt. The limited edition heart is $25 and available for purchase from the I Heart Guts website, where you can also peruse their collection of peculiar organ-based goods, like digestive system stickers and gall bladder t-shirts.” by Julie Wolfson. {05.04.2009}
Serious Eats
“Internal organs never ranked particularly high on my “cute” list, but these little guys are hard to resist. I Heart Guts has a whole line of cuddly plush body parts—like the adorable tummy ($18) at right. Odds are, Serious Eaters don’t need a reminder to love their stomachs, but this makes it even easier. (Even if there’s something existentially weird about snuggling with organs.) And there are T-shirts ($24), too!” {05.06.2009}
Josh Spear.com
“We’re big fans of I Heart Guts. The adorable LA-based family hit the perfect formula for didactic design with their plush organs. For jaded adults (and precocious kids), a soft heart (“I Got The Beat”) or a plus kidney (“When Urine Love”) is just what the doctor ordered. One of the best offbeat bits of toy news from early 2008 was when the plush uterus was recalled due to detachable ovaries that could pose a choking hazard risk. While all other organs in the I Heart Guts body of work are certified safe under US and European codes, they are bringing back the infamous adults-only uterus for Mother’s Day. It’s on sale for just $14 here. Or as the site says: “When it’s that time of the month, you may not like your uterus much, but hey, you wouldn’t be here without one, so give props to this special reproductive organ.” {04.29.2009}
Conceive Magazine
“Think your uterus is sexy? How about your ovaries? Well, a company called I Heart Guts does. they’ve created adorable stickers depicting the organs and glands involved in reproduction, including the hypothalamus, mammary glands, testicles, and prostate (these last two, in case you didn’t know, are in men only). The brain and heart are there, too (no penis or vagina, though). Use the stickers to decorate your fertility journal, the head of your bed, or your bathroom mirror for inspiration while trying to get pregnant. A set of eight stickers costs $7 (plus shipping). Visit iheartguts.com to learn more or make a purchase.” {March/April 2009}
Nylon Blog – Site of the Day
“Today’s site of the day is I Heart Guts because your lungs love you and you should love them back.” Thanks, Farin, we heart you, too! {3.31.2009}
Wired.com – WonderCon 2009: 10 Things We Would Have Bought “Plush hearts are one thing, but plush lungs? Plush livers? And – my God – even a plush spleen? I Heart Guts, the creation of artist Wendy Bryan, is a collection of stuffed toys, shirts, stickers, etc. made of cute versions of the internal organs and glands that make up the fascinating human body. Our favorite shirt depicts two amorous kidneys with the slogan When Urine Love. Prices range from $14 to $18, roughly equivalent to the approximate sales tax and handling fees for one signed photo of Mark Hamill.” {03.05.2009}
Playthings – Toy of the Week! “For a sweet yet non-traditional Valentine’s Day gift or even a cuddly centerpiece to your specialty toy store’s science display, the “I Got the Beat” heart-shaped plush ($18.00) from I Heart Guts is a perfect match. The plush measures 6 by 8.5 inches and features embroidered details, making it safe for all ages. It comes packaged with an informative tag that describes how the heart works. Also available is a limited-edition Heart of Gold edition, rendered in shiny gold lamé.” {02.10.2009}
Discover Blogs “Little children will put just about anything into their mouths. Even ovaries. That’s why plush toy manufacturer I Heart Guts is recalling their plush uterus. The pink plush toy, which technically is an all-in-one female reproductive system rather than just a uterus, sports fallopian tube “arms” and purple egg-shaped ovaries. Unfortunately for small children, however, the ovaries can be pulled off and become a choking hazard. Although there have been no reports of death by ovary swallowing yet, the company’s Web site suggests that: “If the plush uterus is being use by a young child, please remove it immediately.” Comments: “I found this article hard to swallow.” and “I’m guessing they don’t have the male analogue of the plush ovaries.” {01.20.2009}
Times Online (UK) Being in the Times for screwing up wouldn’t be our first choice, but at least the comments gave us a chuckle: “A toy in the shape of a uterus has been recalled after it failed to meet child safety standards. The plush uterus, intended for adults, is one of ten toys on sale from iheartguts.com. If its Fallopian tubes are pulled the ovary can become detached, creating a potential choking hazard for children.” Comments: “I always thought I had a deprived childhood; now I know why.” and “Why on earth would anyone create a toy in the shape of a uterus!?” {01.16.2009}
The Consumerist
“Bad news! This uterus has been recalled because it presents a potential choking hazard.” comments: “In the meantime, please refrain from swallowing any ovaries. In the last 4,000-ish years of written communication, this is the best sentence EVER!” and “Could they recall vaginas too, on the count that I do amazingly stupid things to see and play with them?” {01.16.2009}
Daily Mail Online (UK)
“Most parents have worried about their child choking on small parts attached to their toys. But the thought of a child choking on an ovary attached to their cuddly toy uterus is not a hazard many parents have had to deal with. But that is exactly what has happened to families who own ‘the friendly uterus’ – a toy made by American company ‘iheartguts.com’ – which has been recalled after failing to meet child safety standards. The stuffed toy, which is pink and has a smiling face, becomes a choking hazard for small children if its fallopian tubes are pulled and the ovaries become detached. The creators of the toys have called for an impromptu hysterectomy so those who own the toys could send them back. The company – which describes itself on its website as the ‘brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs’ – makes nine other body part toys. All the other human organs meet safety standards.” {01.17.2009}
BBC Quote of the Day
“If the plush uterus toy is being used by a small child, please remove it immediately” – Recall notice for the 2008 Plush Uterus toy. A cuddly uterus has come a-cropper over safety standards, after failing a pull test. “The ovaries may detach when pulled, becoming a potential small part choking hazard for young children.” Reassuringly, the notice goes on to say that “No one has been harmed.” {01.16.2009}
“I Heart Guts has issued a recall of their Uterus Plush because the toy failed a child toy safety standards test. The recall was issued because if you pull too hard on the fallopian tubes the ovary will pop off, which poses a choking hazard. So if your child is happily chewing on her stuffed uterus, you should take it away from her immediately.” Comments: “Does this come with a plush tampon or is that sold separately?” and “My uterus is certainly a dangerous place for children to be.” {01.08.2009}
Bad translation from French, but funnier that way, “Here are some a little special. I died of laughing! They represent bodies of the human body. There are of it several, for all the tastes, liver, brain, pancreas, kidney, lungs, uterus, heart, and even a Gold heart… perhaps that you have of them already one, you, a gold heart! These cuddly toys were created in 2005 by an American creator impassioned by the bodies of the human body. Today, its company works with associations, in order to raise funds to support the transplantation of bodies.” A body transplant? Now that would be cool. {01.07.2009}
Creative Review
Not exactly how we’d hoped the plush would appear in Creative Review, but oh well. “In what must be the most bizarre product recall we’ve had the pleasure to be emailed about, DKE Toys has issued a statement informing us that the Pink Uterus from I Heart Guts‘ range of body part plush toys is a potential hazard to children. The problem? Its cheeky purple ovaries are detachable. Sadly, this means it’s been withdrawn from sale. But rest assured you can still cuddle up with the brain (nice stem!) or, my favourite in anthropomorphic offal, the pancreas. All are available here; more on the uterine demise, here…” Comments: “Just slap a 18+ sticker on the box and let me have the set.” {01.07.2009}

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