Thyroid Plush - Burn, Thyroid, Burn! - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow


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Supersized 11" x 8" x 4" thyroid is ready to take on the world. This amazing endocrine gland serves as the body's thermostat it regulates how much energy to burn from the food we eat. Whether you're a couch potato or a triathlete, the thyroid controls how energetic you feel. It’s metabolism central, baby. Incredibly soft, super high quality plush comes with an educational mini book filled with disco-dancing thyroids, trivia and also actual information about this under-appreciated gland that works so hard for you every day. Great present for thyroid cancer survivors, hyperthyroid or hypothyroid patients or fun-loving endocrinologists. 100 percent polyester, designed in California, made in China.

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Customer Reviews

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Post-Op Cheer Up

I purchased this thyroid plush as a gift for my mother who has thyroid cancer and recently had her thyroid removed. She thought it was hilarious and showed it off to all of her nurses, who found it to be funny as well. This little guy put a smile on my mom's face amidst the misery of being post-op, so if it can do that, it's totally worth buying.

Surgical Support

I bought the thyroid pillow for my fiancé when she was preparing for her total thyroidectomy. She loves it and kept it in the hospital with her during her stay there. Her surgeon loved it too and said he'll have to start getting them for his patients.


Gifted this to a friend as a way to cheer her up. Lost my thyroid myself so it made us both laugh and have a lighthearted moment at a hard time.