Insulin Character Lapel Pin - Insulin For The Win lapel pin


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Happy insulin design pin will give good cheer when you and your pancreas need a boost. Cute stylized insulin character features the amino acid chains that make up this peptide hormone, made in your pancreas. Insulin is a hormone that helps turn food into energy. After you eat, sugar from food goes into the bloodstream. Insulin unlocks body cells so they can accept a special delivery of sugar (aka glucose). The cell transforms glucose into energy for you to run and play. Soft enamel zinc alloy pin measures 1.25" tall and was made in China.

Customer Reviews

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Insulin drop

Been a type I diabetic for 35 plus years....don't have any major complications and its been a way of life for the most part....came across this website and saw the insulin drop and it made me inner child saw it and I could remember having nicknames for my insulin (back then, my insulin came from a pig) and had to get this. Now, its on my mantle and if I'm having a bad day, its there to give me a hug. Without that specific amino acid chain that is tattoo on it's side, I wouldn't be here to write and plans on getting a matching tattoo. Thank you for this.

Insulin merchandise

My 9 year old grandson was just diagnosed with juvenile diabetes type 1. I got a lapel pin and an insulin buddy for him. He already puts it in his special backpack and takes it with him. He is on 4 shots a day and says it helps him out. I am so grateful for your company, helping children feel more comfortable with themselves and what is going on with their lives. Thank you so much!

Hormone Pins Set

I purchased the set of hormone pins and love them! They are well-made and the colors are vibrant and beautiful. The closure is safety pin style (but has a latch so is more secure). I like this better because it keeps the pin from twisting around. I highly recommend purchasing these.