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Give someone special the keys to your uterus. The engraved back of the keychain and cardboard display both say: "Uterus: Womb Service." Back of the packaging includes info about this reproductive mastermind so you can learn a little something and keep your keys together. Zinc alloy with soft enamel, polybagged. The uterus part of the keychain measures 2.79" x 2". Designed in the US, made in China.

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Customer Reviews

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Expectations fulfilled

I am amazed about the details and the quality of the keychain. I bought it in the past a gift but this time it was for me. A little big for a pair of keys but still perfect!


Incredible products! Absolutely love and will be buying from the website again!

loved mine so much that I bought a replacement

I love this keychain so much. I've actually had one for several years, and noticed that very slowly the paint is starting to chip a little bit. So I bought this one as a replacement for the future.

Gotta new uterus!!!

Love this whole line-very cute!
I own & have gifted several different body parts both the keychains & the soft toys. All were very well received & high quality-keychains held up well !!
Dogs enjoy trying to chew up the plush colon & bladder on our bed-so people & dogs love I❤️Guts in our household!

Cuter-us Uterus!

While working at a medical university's Gynecological Oncology department I most unexpectedly found myself as a patient. During my recovery after surgery/treatment I did an internet search for "ovary key-chain" since I used to joke with the clinical staff that I wanted to keep my ovaries and turn them into key-chains after the surgery. That is how I found I Heart Guts! I ordered an ovary key-chain for the lead clinician, a uterus key-chain for myself (my invincible replacement uterus), and a package of uterus stickers for everyone in the department. When I returned to work I gave everyone their gifts... they were amazed. We all shared a good laugh and to this day there are uterus stickers on bulletin boards, clipboards, and file cabinets in the department. Thanks for helping me cope with a difficult time in life with fabulous cuteness and humor!!

Thank you so much!