Appendix Plush - Feel It In Your Gut - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow


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Enlarged appendix measures 14.25" x 6" x 4" -- if yours was this big, you'd be in the emergency room. Comes with an 8-page booklet hangtag all about this vestigial organ. Some think the appendix, located at the bottom right of the intestine, doesn't do anything. Others think it helps good bacteria populate the gut. Most of us don't think about the appendix at all until it needs to get removed. Then we miss it terribly. Designed in California, made in China. Safe for ages 3 and up.

Perfect present for appendicitis sufferers, or to commemorate an appendix loved and lost. If your appendix burst with happiness, then you need this smiling orange fellow. Great get well gift for an after-surgery snuggle. When you’ve got an exploding appendix on your hands, first hit the emergency room, then get this gut post-op STAT. If you’re giving it to a friend, make sure they don’t bust their stitches laughing when you give them their appendix back. Get well with Guts!

Your appendix may be gone, but you can wear our Appendix RIP tee and Appendix Literally Burst With Joy tee forever. Custom-made appendix T-shirts, appendix totes and other appendix gifts available at

Customer Reviews

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Super Secret Secret Appendix!

First of all, this appendix is adorable. You cannot help but smile looking at it. For such a little vestigial organ, this fella is quite the size! A solid plushie too. Worth every cent.

I received a double organ transplant (kidney and pancreas) but I didn't expect to lose this little guy too. Prior to surgery, my awesome surgeon quickly said he would remove my appendix. I was sleepy so I said OK! Days after surgery, I asked my nurse if I heard correctly in that my appendix was long gone as medical waste. She didn't know if it was surgical humor or I really did have my appendix removed. After a quick check, yes, the little gut I never thought about was gone forever.

So, when I received gifts post-surgery, this plush appendix was there! Someone actually listened to me! Now, I can look at this adorable, and large, plush appendix and forget I ever lost the real deal.

Needed That Appendix

I'm currently finishing an ultrasound program and my classmates and I are leaving school to our clinical sites, so we decided to get our instructors guts before we leave after tomorrow! I got the heart, uterus, and spleen for my vascular, OB/GYN, and abdomen instructors respectively - they are so perfect for them! My clinical coordinator was in lab one day helping us scan and with more enthusiasm that I've ever seen from her, she said, "Bring on the challenge, I LOVE finding appendixes!” And so of course, we decided she NEEDED that appendix. Super fast shipping, I got my appendix in two days! Just in time to give all my instructors their designated organs on our last day of school tomorrow.