Bone and Joint Gifts

Bone gifts for all your ortho needs! Spine plush, knee plush, knee magnet, knee lapel pin, spine lapel pin, pelvis lapel pin, elbow lapel pin, shoulder joint lapel pin, muscle pin! Knee replacement gift, spine surgery gift, physical therapist, chiropractor, spine surgeon, arthritis, joint pain, scoliosis and all the bones you love to hate!
Looking for cute and funny spine gifts? Look no further than our collection of bone and muscle gifts! Spine injury gifts, spine surgery gifts, spine gifts, spine gift ideas. Your spinal surgery care package must include a spine plush and spine pins for your care team, including your nurse and doctor. Spine doctor gift, spine surgeon gift, scoliosis gift. Physical therapist, occupational therapist gift, arthritis, joint pain, knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, torn ACL. Osteoarthritis, orthopedic surgery gift basket. We have shoulder surgery pins, elbow joint pins, knee joint lapel pins, muscle pins, vertebra pins and stacks of cute lil' bones for you! We've got your back.

Our Amazing Customers


The spine plush actually cracks! I love the vibrancy of the plushies and their smile is too cute. Will definitely be back!

Mena P.

Bought my stomach plush for my son who is having a total gastrectomy. It's a cute way to make a hard time a little easier.

Cheryl B.

A super cute knee joint for my granddaughter who tore her ACL and was so upset to not be able to finish her basketball season. This brought a huge smile to her face.

Marian P.

This testicle plush is firm enough to squeeze and slowly release which is good for stress. I like that when I feel like a coward, he can be my balls when I have none.

April J.

My friend has pancreatic cancer. She saw the pancreas in the gift store while getting treatment and told me she wanted it. She's been cuddling with it, named it, and said it reminded her to appreciate the good parts of her pancreas.

Kelly M.

The penis neck pillow is comfy and sturdy, definitely the best one I have ever used! Extra points for the pocket in the foreskin.

Stephanie B.

Got this as a gift for my daughter with type 1 diabetes. The colour is great and the face is super cute! Its soft and great quality. She LOVES it!

Megan L.

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