"I absolutely love I Heart Guts! I have always searched for cool organ pillows and never really found ones that I liked until I came across I Heart Guts. As an aspiring (cardio) surgeon and thyroid disease patient/advocate, I knew I had to get a heart plush and a thyroid plush. I even got pretty awesome “I Heart Guts,” socks that have become my favorite pair! I also can’t forget my heart and thyroid pins, which are pretty stylish if I do say so myself. They are perfect accessories! As a pre medicine college student, looking at the plush organs always make me happier, especially when midterms and finals are around the corner. Any item from I Heart Guts is a great gift for patient, doctors, other medical professionals and just people who love medicine and the body. I love showcasing my plush organs. As an American Heart Association ambassador, I promoted the Go Red Campaign this past February with my heart, which everyone enjoyed seeing photos of!"   -Breana V.