Guts For the Entire Family

“Our guts arrived and they are adorable! What photo can do justice to the vibrant colors and soft soft fabric? I got the spleen as kind of a gag gift for my son, who lost his, so yours replaces it.  And the ovary is for his fiancee who gave birth 10 weeks ago to twin girls–know she’ll get a kick out of that. The brain for a very cerebral 5-yr-old who already reads and corrects his parents.  The heart for his 3-yr-old brother who is super active and the sweetest boy in the world, the champion of their 16-month-old sister who’s to have the tummy, mostly because the size and color is right for her but also her brothers know all about tummies. I went to your site for the kids, but found fun gifts for adults, and can see doing the same again and again. Great, unique, ingenious and educational product!  Easy website, items arrived quickly. I know they’ll be the hit of Christmas morning!” Merri W.