Punched in the Gut

“My mom is doing better, we had several appointments over the past week, and she has taken her intestine plush with her everywhere.  She was actually rather confused when I brought it home to her, but when I explained to her that every time she was angry or frustrated about her colostomy, she could take it out on the pillow, she was rather happy about it.  She has found it too cute to be angry at it, which I’m hoping is helping to dispel her frustration at the colostomy a bit too. So the pillow has made the rounds of doctors offices, rehab centers, and St. Joseph’s Medical Center in the past few weeks. Everyone in the medical profession is so in love with it, and now that you are in Maryland, there was even more gushing and wanting to get them (she kept the tag on so she could show them more organs).  So anyway, just thought I’d share — my mom is your new promoter.” Jody K.