October 16, 1846 marked the first successful demonstration of ether anesthesia, making it one of the most significant events in modern medicine history! To celebrate this important day, our lungs and larynx went out on a lovely picnic together and enjoyed the open air. 

Check out our new and adorable stuffed larynx toy and cute lung plushie here.

Medical Mugs - Medical Humor - Nurse Humor - Funny Coffee MugDo you like coffee? We like coffee! Have a bit of snark with that big sip with one of our enjoyably nerdy mugs emblazoned with adorable organs. Grab a gutsy mug right here.


I Heart Guts San Diego Comic Con

In super exciting news, the guts will be soaking up the San Diego sun for the 9th year in a row for Comic Con! We love this con because it’s always a super fun chance for us to meet our customers and of course, extreme people-watching. We’ll be bringing our keychains, pins, stickers, tote bags and of course our plush-- the new Penis and Gold Tooth included!

San Diego Comic Con is Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21. Our booth is in a different spot this year-- #4419 in the Exhibitor hall. Be sure to stop by and say hey!

I Heart Guts Plush Organs It's waaaay too early to think about holiday gifts -- unless you don't live in the United States and you want plush organs, in which case, NOW is the time to order your holiday GUTS! Please note that VAT/customs fees are NOT included in our shipping fees. Yes, it costs an arm and a leg to ship things from the U.S. to your country. YES, we know you hate VAT and customs on top of high shipping prices. And yes, we are sorry and wish we could magically change your country's laws. But guess what? We can't! We are not politicians or lawyers. We are gut-makers. And we need you to think ahead to get your guts on time. Please see our handy shipping guide below for holiday happiness and on-time delivery of your plush organs:

• Order by Nov. 20 via USPS First Class International (slow but cheap)
• Order by Dec 1 via USPS Priority Mail (faster shipping + customs and better tracking, but expensive)

For more info on customs fees and VAT duty, please visit our FAQ about international shipping right here. It's also a good idea to contact your local post office and find out your own country’s customs laws before buying from us.