“We have received the organs and it was like Christmas morning for the transplant team.” - Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Maybe not transplantable organs, but we hope The Guts bring lots of joy to the kids awaiting organ donations this holiday season!

Decorate your home or body with guts with these fab new organ-y pillows and print-on-demand tees from our friends at Nuvango! You'll also find these designs on phone cases, tablet cases and a bunch of other stuff. We've got three styles so far -- heart, liver and kidneys -- but tell us what else you'd like to see up there and we'll add it just for you.
Celebrate those tubules, nephrons and all your renal glory today. Give those kidneys a pat for all they do today and every day!
In the past, some of you have written in to ask if  our plush organs can be machine washed. Well, we now have the answer to that question, as well as the answer to the lesser-asked question: can kidneys be microwaved? Check out Kidney's Valentine's Day by pterion on YouTube, starring our very own I Heart Guts kidney and set to an inspirational Journey soundtrack.