Our new thyroid keychain, working its way through last night's Halloween haul. Anybody wanna trade some Tootsie Rolls for Almond Joys?


Maybe your brain wasn't burning with the question, "What's new with guts at Comic Con this year?" but we're gonna share anyway. Some more BIG GUTS will debut at Comic Con, specifically the new Colossal Kidney, Big Brain, Immense Intestine and Prodigious Pancreas, all pictured here. These are so fun and fluffy and fabulous, we cannot wait to share them with our favorite folks at the world's largest geek convention (being geeks ourselves, we're allowed to say that). If that's not enough, we'll also have our brand new plush appendix and plush thyroid, seen below, so please stop by our booth, #932! We'll also have our usual array of tees, pins, posters and other fun stuff. And for those of you who can't make it, don't worry, these guys are on now for sale on our website! And there's still a handful of the lifesize kidneys, pancreases and intestines left if you want 'em.
The latest in our bizarre stuffed body parts was actually inspired by a pretty heart-wrenching experience -- cancer. Making a plush thyroid was something I'd been toying with for a while, after getting several requests from you, our wonderful customers, but it became personal when my husband -- and I Heart Guts' co-founder -- was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year. As far as cancers go, thyroid cancer is really not so bad, especially when compared with say, pancreatic cancer or brain cancer. But, let's be real, hearing the word "cancer" attached to someone you love is horrible. While my husband got his thyroid removed and underwent radioactive iodine treatment, I found solace in planning a friendly and fuzzy version of this butterfly-shaped endocrine gland, which hugs the trachea and controls our metabolism. We gave thyroid and parathyroid pins to the amazing staff at UCLA Endocrine Surgery, and the fantastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Yeh, was super-excited to see such a strange and specialized product. "The parathyroid gets no love," Dr. Yeh lamented. I also tried to make my husband laugh by doodling a silly disco-dancing thyroid and a jogging thyroid, and both of these drawings are included in the new hangtag, see details below (thanks to your input, my dear readers, we chose the Travolta Thyroid for the cover, yay!). So stay tuned, your plush thyroid will be available for cuddling very very soon! We hope you like it.