iheartguts-playlistWe are music junkies over here at I Heart Guts headquarters, and we'd love it if you lent your ears to our I Heart Guts body-themed playlist on Spotify! An eclectic mix of body-part themed songs, this heartfelt mix tape has over 11 hours of listening pleasure, and I'm adding stuff all the time. Naturally almost every other song is about matters of the heart, but believe it or not, there are also great songs about brains, uteruses and even the lowly spleen! This playlist is far from exhaustive, and I'll admit sometimes I stretch the anatomy connection to add a song or artist I really heart. Perhaps you never really noticed that Jay-Z shouts out the bladder in Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" or that Weird Al Yankovic rhymes "glucagon" with "islets of Langerhans" in "Pancreas." Our playlist will also introduce you to lesser-known hits such as "Liver Splash" by funk legends The Meters, "Montego Bay Spleen" by St. Germain or Wagon Christ's "My Organ in Your Face." Will some surgeon out there please play this in the operating room and fulfill my lifelong dream to become DJOR?
Leave it it the uterus to make a big splash on the floor of the House of Representatives. Republican house leaders reprimanded Florida state representative Scott Randolph, after he suggested his wife "incorporate her uterus" and also asked them to "look into your heart" in order to get business-friendly Republicans to leave women's lady parts alone. "Republicans, after all, wouldn't want to further regulate a Florida business," reported the St. Petersberg Times on the incident, which occurred in late March. The GOP defended itself, telling him not to discuss "body parts" on the house floor without first letting kids leave (let's not forget everyone in the chamber had, early on, spent time inside a uterus). Obviously, no one's gonna make a U-turn on how they feel about the "U-word." The comment has since inspired songs, a Uterati Facebook page, led the ACLU to create the website incorporatemyuterus.com and Andrew Leonard at Salon.com wants to get a t-shirt made: "Get the government out of my uterus, and into Goldman Sachs."