I Heart Guts, Covid-19, Corona Virus, Sanitation Workers
A huge gutsy thank you to all the sanitation and custodial workers! We appreciate all the hard work you provide everyday! 💖
Ten years ago this month I Heart Guts was born! What began as drunken sketchbook doodles slowly became stickers, buttons, tees, and eventually, plush organs (wow, look at that skeletal crew, we didn't even have uterus or bladder back then!). It has been such a great ride thanks to so many many of our amazing customers who inspire us with tales of gutsy survival in the face of illness. We hope to do a few giveaways this month to celebrate a decade of organs, so please check the I Heart Guts Facebook page or back here to win some guts for yourself or a friend! [pictured: I Heart Guts.com back in 2005, screenshot courtesy the Internet Wayback Machine]