Penis enamel pin

Our sparkly penis and testicle enamel pin is guaranteed to improve your day by 189%. If you are a fun-loving urologist in need of some serious penile bling, look no further than this penis lapel pin, which will deliver the best possible amount of wrong to your white coat. Lighten the mood in the exam room, y'all! It's called bedside manner, and you can score some laughs for a mere $4. Not to brag, but our penis is the smallest, cutest and the most sparkly! Don't sleep on this good deal -- most enamel pins cost $10. This will sound so wrong, but this here penis is the cheapest on the market, so snatch one up while you can!
iheartguts-wholesale-092We are extremely excited about our new organ and gland lapel pins, so much so, in fact, that I'm writing about them again. Though you would appreciate seeing them all together and labeled and such. We're gonna have to play a round of "Pin the Pituitary on the Body" around here. Actually, that could be really fun...
img_1541We just posted a ton of pins! Whew! Every single gut and gland now comes in lapel pin form -- want a testicle pin? You can have it. We've even added a couple new gland friends -- the sebaceous gland (when clogged, these guys give us hated acne), and the sweat gland (for the exercise fiend in your life). We've got the entire metabolic team, from salivary glands to the thyroid, from the stomach to the intestine. Check 'em out.