Cuddly Guts Bring Comfort to Chronically Ill - Mental FlossGreat story on how our plush organs are used by chronically ill folks as comfort objects is up on Mental Floss. "'The pancreases are a pretty big part of our family since we all have crappy ones,'" Shay, 28, told Mental Floss reporter Kate Horowitz. "Shay and her siblings have chronic hereditary pancreatitis, a rare illness with tough symptoms like intense abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Like her illness, Shay’s relationship with the plush pancreas varies by the day. 'If it’s a bad day,' she says, 'it’s something I can be mad at.'"
How to Make Pancreas CookiesA look behind the scenes of our latest organ-ic bake-off, this time we made pancreas cookies! First, I made the cookie dough, then, cut out the swoop-y mod pancreas shapes, baked 'em and made three types of icing to recreate our pancreas' blue-and-green color scheme. The actual pancreas cookie faces were melting in a horrendous nightmare-inducing way, so I fixed them up with... Photoshop! Thanks, digital photography. Of course, my kids did not care a lick when it came to eating them. Yum!