IMG_7246Toy Fair 2014 was great for the guts in a million ways, but the highlight was winning a Best of Toy Fair award from Popular Science. A huge honor from one of our favorite magazines, thanks so much!
adrenal-glandsSome fun new geeky plushies we love: crocheted caffeine molecule by Prim & Plush, which are made by a very crafty chemist and cancer biologist. I saw these in person at I think Renegade and immediately fell in love, they are gorgeous. Knitted X and Y chromosomes? Yes, please, sew cute! Let's not forget DNA molecule plushes that also have magnets so you can snap them together, they are not yet available but were recently funded via Kickstarter, so look for them soon!
Popularity contests are not our favorite thing, however, you can't win anything if you don't have the guts to ask, so if you happen to have a few minutes to spare in front of your computer, and you feel the Guts have touched your life in some small way, please vote for I Heart Guts as Fan Favorite for the Designer Toy Awards 2012. You have to log in, and write something nice and even upload a picture... I'm telling you, it's not easy. Here are the steps: register/login, go to Profile>MyEntries>AddEntry; there's a drop down menu where you can choose the Fan Favorite category. As nerdy underdogs, we are up against so many awesomer-than-us toys, but we would surely appreciate your time and nomination! Entries close June 15th and they will announce the winners mid-July, may the best toys win!
Whether you love Valentine's Day or loathe it, we still want you to visit our gutsy pop-up shops! We've got three special spots where you can score Guts in person -- our pals at Munky King in Los Angeles, Trohv D.C. and Trohv Baltimore will be carrying the full I Heart Guts lineup for two weeks Feb. 1-14. Best of all? Your guts can actually do some good -- 10% of sales will go toward a local clinic, Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, George Washington University's HEALing Clinic in D.C., and Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute in Baltimore. Perhaps you want to say urine love with a kidney, or give your heart, or show someone how much you heart their guts, or maybe you're just tired of teddy bears, chocolate and roses, but for whatever reason, stop by and pay your guts a visit!