I didn't even know that ovarian transplants were possible, but indeed they are. Not only that, but one cancer survivor who underwent an ovarian transplant later gave birth to a child naturally, even though her chemo treatment put her in early menopause earlier. After the Danish woman was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma, they preserved part of her ovary before undergoing radiation therapy. The case was reported in the journal Human Reproduction. {via WebMD}
Turn this baby inside out -- really clever fetus in a sac, created by The Beat Cowboy a Craftster Forum regular. And while on the topic of reproduction, my pail Julie over at Particle Zoo alerted me to the wonders of iPeriod, an iPhone app that let's you track your menstrual cycle and will alert you to when you might be feeling crummy and when to expect ol' Aunt Flo's arrival. Fully integrated with the iPad and iTampon. {via Boing Boing}