Get ga-lactic with our crazy space boobs! Breast of Both Worlds design is available as a baby tee, adult shirt, sweatshirt, mug, tote bag, breast notebook (great lactation consultant gift!) and even a phone case. All colors, sizes and styles, you get to choose. Celebrate the universal appreciation for breasts and all they do. Perfect for the breastfeeding baby whose world actually does revolve around boobs.
MAMMARYCELLPHONEBy now I'm sure you've heard the ruckus about the girl who got cancer by keeping her phone in her bra. There's also health advice telling you to steer away from processed meats; and maybe you've even noticed the tags on holiday lights or other electronics, warning you to wash your hands after handling, because they can cause cancer. Does this freak you out? Beyond that, if you were told that your smartphone does cause cancer, or that other things you normally eat and use on a daily basis can destroy your health, would you even stop using/eating them? Please share your thoughts in a comment below!
Nothing says "I love you, mom" better than a plush boobie, and thanks to our new mammary gland stuffed animals, you can give mom back all the boobs you took from her. Our pink mammary gland plush makes a great gift for breast cancer survivors, mastectomy patients or anyone who loves boobs! Be anatomically correct and get a pair, if you wish. Bras sold separately.