anatomy-body-organsThis little guy looks none too happy about having his guts exposed to the world, but he's still very handsome and way cooler than the Invisible Man. This fabulous clay figurine is entitled Anatomical Mook and was made by ilovegreyskies on Etsy. As long as we're talking about Etsy, have you Regretsy'd yet today? {Thanks, Pollyanna!}
iheartguts-sale-shirtsYou know, I've always thought of our all guts tee as being sort of problematic because I forgot to include the gallbladder in the original drawing. But, as one of our customers pointed out recently, it's actually the perfect shirt for someone who's had a gallbladder removed since it's missing the gallbladder. So the body parts better reflect the wearer. Anyway, this is a long way of saying, we've just put a bunch of our tees in clearance to make room for fun new designs coming in 2009. Get a deal on the Big Bloody Heart tee, the aforementioned All Guts tees in black or apricot, and the good ol' Iron Lung shirt. Snap 'em up while they last!