The urological suite gets ready to deliver the 2018 Prostate of the Union address tonight. Featuring our prostate plush, bladder plush and kidney plush.

prostateHere's a couple studies sure to be popular with men -- both coffee and beer have been tapped as possible ways to help prevent prostate cancer. ABC News wisely notes that these studies tend to get more attention than they deserve because people want to believe them. One doc wondered why prostate cancer rates weren't already lower since American men have never shied away from either coffee or beer. Note that exercise has also shown prostate cancer fighting properties, but who's excited about that? {via USA Today}
iheartguts-wholesale-092We are extremely excited about our new organ and gland lapel pins, so much so, in fact, that I'm writing about them again. Though you would appreciate seeing them all together and labeled and such. We're gonna have to play a round of "Pin the Pituitary on the Body" around here. Actually, that could be really fun...
img_1541We just posted a ton of pins! Whew! Every single gut and gland now comes in lapel pin form -- want a testicle pin? You can have it. We've even added a couple new gland friends -- the sebaceous gland (when clogged, these guys give us hated acne), and the sweat gland (for the exercise fiend in your life). We've got the entire metabolic team, from salivary glands to the thyroid, from the stomach to the intestine. Check 'em out.