IMG_5582The I Heart Guts online store now has cheaper shipping options for domestic and international orders, hooray! Many of our customers wrote in to complain that shipping cost way too much, and we have added first class service for domestic packages under 13 oz and more affordable shipping choices for some of our international friends. So next time you order, you get to pick whether you want a low price or faster service (though we still don't do express or overnight, sorry!).
942021_601787569840051_2082404388_n[UPDATE: Alas, this show was cancelled after four episodes, the I Heart Guts episode was number six. Oh well. Easy come, easy go.] If you happen to watch TLC, you may have seen previews for a new show called "The Good Buy Girls," which chronicles the highs and lows of a small home shopping network. Struggling to break through to the big time, charismatic show hosts Brook Roberts and Tara Gray are looking to inject a little life into their usual offerings by discovering interesting new products to sell on TV. Described as one part "Shark Tank" with a dash of "The Office" and a sprinkle of "Real Housewives," this show offers a behind-the-scenes look at what makes a home shopping network tick. They explore selling Fabio health shakes, pet treadmills, menopause pajamas and, yes... plush organs! Watch the I Heart Guts episode June 26, it's on 7pm EST/6 CNT every Wednesday, so give 'em your eyeballs. Hopefully we will put the "learning" back into The Learning Channel!...Or maybe just watch re-runs of "Toddlers & Tiaras" instead.
4166978507_1ba396c671If you aren't yet afflicted with holiday shopping fatigue, stop by the Bust Craftacular at The Echoplex this Saturday, Dec. 12, from 10am-6pm and come fondle our spleens in person! The first 200 attendees get a free gift bag just for showing up, plus there will be raffles throughout the day, free bevvies and other hijinx. Bring canned goods to donate to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. If you need still more crafty holiday shopping, Mohawk Swap is just down the street! To get an idea of what you'll find, peep the video from last year's Craftacular. Yes, it is supposed to rain, and we know how Angelenos do with rain, but c'mon by anyway! Directions to the Echoplex here.
17024639_60_eWell, this is fun -- Urban Outfitters has added a few guts to their online collectibles depot. Looks like the marketing department had some fun with the text for the heart: "He'll really take a beating for ya. Somehow adorable anatomical heart plush with an included little fun-fact-filled tag. Get PUMPED!" and the lung: "Take a deep breath and contemplate the cuteness of this plush set of lungs," and the liver, too: "Intoxicating little liver likes to keep it clean." (Wow, the liver is sold out! What'd they do, bundle it with a free bottle of Jack Daniels?) If you already own one of these plush guts and care to write a review (if you happen have to have an UO account), I'll be your best friend. Also awesome -- it seems they also bought stuff from two other California plush scenesters -- Lauren of Sweet Meats and Kerry and Darth of Evil Ice Cream. Woo hoo!