nycc-2013-iheartgutsNew York Comic Con 2013 was a fantastic blur of sights, sounds and non-stop action, we had a blast! A few of our favorite sights we'd like to share, above: the Nobody Knows I'm Menstruating tee by Oof Industries; these two gents came to Comic Con looking for fun, but found their lost thyroid and gallbladder, respectively; Phil Barbato's adorable baby eating our hearts out; Hunter S. Thompson and lawyer on the move with our liver; the toy panel happened again, this time with the marvelous Tara McPherson, wonderful Steff Bomb, Kidrobot's Galen McKamy and Kidrobot alum Nitin Bhargava, and this awesome 12-year-old Jacob who makes his own vinyl toys (special thanks Lisa Lyons of Toy Tokyo for moderating and to Happy Worker for organizing!); and amazing costumes everywhere, my personal fave was Wonder Wobear.guts-bladder-nycc As a woman, the toughest part about NYCC is getting yourself to the bathroom. As you can see from our bladder photo above, the line for the women's toilet is looooong, and the men's room line is nonexistent, so it didn't take long for us ladies at the I Heart Guts booth to bum rush the men's room so we could get back to our booth in a timely fashion. Thanks, fellas, for welcoming us into the inner sanctum of manliness! We left the seats up for ya.
incontinent-every-continent-iheartgutsOur bladder wins for the best-travelled organ! Anytime someone we know goes someplace cool, we stuff a bladder in their baggage and they send us photos for our pet project Incontinent on Every Continent. Thanks to our well-traveled pals, this excretory system player has now visited every continent, including Antarctica, and has been everywhere from Australia to Zambia. He was most recently spotted on the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Special thanks to friends Lenora Chu (Asia), Barbara Cohen (Antarctica), Anita Datar (South America), Chuva Featherstone (Europe), Sridhar Hannenhalli (Asia), Tim High (South America), Matt Lazar (Africa), Charmyne Lee (Australia), Kirsten Stoebenau (Africa), Codi Lazar (Canada) and Rachel Weaver (Asia) for taking our bladder to such exiting places!
freeny-bannerNot only did Jason Freeny's anatomy-influenced designs score him Fan Favorite at this year's Designer Toy Awards, but he also has a fantastic show opening at PIQ's store at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, so check it out if you're there! The show opens Nov. 9th, where you can meet the artist, check out his incredible sculptures and buy signed prints of his anatomical model illustrations of well-loved toy icons such as of Barbie, Gummi Bears, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse and others. {via Clutter Magazine}
tumblr_mmr3msxI3B1ro61zvo1_500Incredible organ-themed nail art from the brilliant and incredibly talented Base Coat Top Coat on Tumblr. The spine seems appropriate for the middle finger. Goes head to head with our other favorite organ-themed nail artist. {via Anatomy in Motion}