Did you know taking care of your teeth impacts your overall health?

Studies show that poor dental hygiene is linked to heart disease and diabetes, as well as the dreaded gum disease. Even more reason to give more love to those pearly whites, and hug your dental hygienist this Dental Health Month!

It's Brush Your Teeth Day.... but maybe we can celebrate a little longer than just one day.

tooth-gangstas-iheartgutsSometimes I wonder what I would do if I didn't have teeth. The most upsetting thing would be all the trouble eating chewy and hard foods. But it would also be awful to have people run away in fear, after seeing me without teeth (similar to my reaction when I saw Actresses Without Teeth). Because of our enthusiasm for teeth here at I Heart Guts, we decided to make our own! This one won't make eating steak any easier, but just might make you crack a smile full of pearly whites.