We are super-excited to redesign and re-introduce this fluffy friend to you after a long-overdue makeover. We first put our mammary gland out there in 2009 and the response was…underwhelming. Let’s just say we thought people liked mammary glands, but really what y’all actually wanted was boobs. We get it. Everyone likes boobs, right? We hope you like this one! Now you’ve got something fun to give the bravest and most amazing breast cancer survivor in your life.

Your breasts contain fat, muscle, nipples, and mammary glands, which look like a bunch of grapes (see picture below) and can produce milk to feed babies. Mammary glands are what give mammals their name. Both women and men have mammary glands. The hormone estrogen promotes breast development, while testosterone inhibits breasts. It’s the breast of both worlds! Measures a highly unrealistic 7" x 9" x 6”.