If you're at New York Comic Con and don't come to the "Indie Toy Panel: Turning Characters Into Toys," I will be very sad indeed, and so will you. When I first started making toys, no one would tell me anything about how to get things made, how to get them imported and how to get them into stores. Now you can learn all this and more from the best: Kidrobot, Shawnimals, Happy Worker, Longoland, Life With Tigers and Phil Barbato. C'mon, you know you have nothing better to do on a lovely October evening than geek out about toys with us. More info below and see you there.
Have you ever wanted to make your own plush toys? Learn secrets of plushmaking from some of the biggest geeks in the collectible toy world at New York Comic Con! I Heart Guts will be moderating a panel entitled: "Indie Toymaker Roundtable: Turning Characters Into Toys" featuring the director of merchandising from Kidrobot, the world's most fabulous collectible art toy maker and shop; Shawn Smith of Shawnimals, creator of over 400 characters including the Ninjatown series; the monster mind behind Longoland; Brooklyn's finest plush robot and severed-leg outfitter Life With Tigers; and plushmaker Phil Barbato. All will spill their guts on how they make their stuffed creatures and offer tips on how to make your own. A representative from Happy Worker, a company that makes custom toys, will be on hand to help you realize your dream if you dare. The panel is October 14th at the wretched hour of 8:45-9:45 PM Friday night , but if you come, we will reward you with giveaways, tips, tricks and maybe a trip to a Hell's Kitchen dive bar afterwards, who knows? A peek at why I am personally obsessed with these artists, hope to see you there!