Did you know the word “placenta” is Latin for “cake”? Now that’s really putting the birth in birthday! 🎂

black-heart-iheartguts-72We had tons of fun at last weekend's Unique Los Angeles show, a shopping extravaganza that shows off the creative and crafty wonders of Los Angeles and beyond. One woman, who'd had open heart surgery as a child, bought a heart tee for her mom, who tried to watch the surgery on her daughter. After anesthesia, the doctors took a saw to this little girl's chest and mom promptly fainted. Lots of folks got Heart of Gold pins for mom, a few uteruses, too -- even a mother's day gall bladder! As usual, we just had fun meeting people and chatting. Our Black Heart got a mention from the wonderful folks over at Cool Hunting, who had eyes at the show. Woo hoo!