Did you know mental health starts in the gut? Now that's a long distance call. Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

The epic journey from mouth to rectum. Happy Digestive Diseases Awareness Month!

Appendix T-shirtNeed a shirt to celebrate that burst appendix? Sure you do! Wear our Appendix R.I.P. T-shirt with pride once that pesky vestigial organ is gone to the great incinerator in the sky. We've not only got appendix shirts, we've got appendix mugs, appendix phone cases, you name it, we've slapped an appendix on it.
american-gut-projectEver wonder what lives in your gut? The American Gut Project aims to find out exactly what bugs lurk inside your intestines, inside your mouth, on your skin and other nooks and crannies of the human body. Following a seven-day diet questionnaire, participants must, yes, send in a fecal sample, along with a mouth swab for testing. Pretty cool, huh? They would like to explore the microbiome of the entire world's population, but shipping poop through international mail turns out to be tricky/illegal.