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👽  Uterus is ready to hop in that U.F.O.  👽

There's been a lot of talk recently about what kind of ingredients are actually in many sanitary pads. Some individuals express that they feel like the switch to organic sanitary pads and tampons has reduced their cramps and maybe have even shortened their period! Aside from the awesome benefits of shorter periods, less cramps and better overall health for your nether-regions, many people are switching from mainstream menstrual methods to more organic ones to be kinder on the environment– many of our own customers have expressed that they SWEAR by menstrual cups, which while it's a hefty initial investment, totally pays for itself in just a few cycles! We'd love to know what you think: what's your favorite form of menstrual hygiene?

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When your ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, then you’re menopausal! You know it’s happening when you haven’t had your period for one year. This typically happens after age 45. Time to schedule your 🎉Menopause Party🎉 when you experience:
• 🔴 Changes in Menstruation 🚫
• 🔥 Hot Flashes 🔥
• 😡 Mood Swings 😡
• 😴 Sleeping Problems 😳
• 😕 Memory Probs 😕
• 🍂Vaginal 🍣 Dryness 🍂

The good news? No more periods! No more blood coming out of your vagina and no more tampons! The bad news: your risk for osteoporosis goes up. More interesting stuff about menopause:
🇯🇵 There is no word for “hot flash” in Japanese. 🇯🇵
😱 You can still get pregnant! 😱
🌸 Menopause can shrink uterine fibroids. 🌸


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