doctor-fear"Irrational" fears of hospitals and doctors have always existed; sadly, some of those fears are not so far out there. One of the latest medical news stories is about a woman who went to the ER for a drug overdose, but woke up to doctors about to operate on her to remove organs - thinking she was dead. This happened in spite of a few signs of life before the "surgery". In case you want to know how many preventable medical errors cause death every year in the US, here's an article with an estimated answer. It really just makes me want to develop an irrational fear of our health care system right here and now. Do you have any fears about doctors, the dentist, or the health care system? Please comment below! Have a happy Wednesday!
Yesterday I was planning on writing about MC Spleen, a French rapper and beat-boxer extraordinaire with a great name. But almost better than a rhymer named after everyone's favorite lymph organ is Dr. John Clarke, the medical director for New York's Long Island Railroad who recently won a contest put on by the Center for Disease Control to create an infectious public service announcement about H1N1 flu. New York magazine gives him props for rhyming "hand sanitizer" with "I advise ya," and when I heard him on NPR yesterday he also rapped about asthma, with an impressive integration of icky lyrics about mucous.