We've got all sorts of good new gutsy stuff in our online store, including the Spill Your Guts journal and supa-cute stationery set with stickers. We also have a few Grab Your Gonads laminated cards (you can also download a free digital copy and print it out yourself!) and a handful of laminated kiddie placemats with all your gutsy glandy friends.
lunch-digestive-system_medCheck out some new gutsy goodies just for you -- the Digestive System Lunchbox! There's only two one of these left, so grab it while you can.We've also combined some select guts and glands to create specialty sticker packs -- the Digestive System Sticker Set (yummy!) and Reproductive System Sticker Set (sexxxy!). Just in case you've forgotten how the digestive system works or how the reproductive system works (really, now, who could forget that?), these stickers will help you along. Sex organs are not included, you have to supply those yourself.