Recently, I heard about someone with breast cancer who starved their body to avoid chemotherapy. Ever since, the guts and I have been wondering: Can you starve cancer by following a certain diet? Or is it only a preventative measure? Because not eating seems.. hard. So we starting researching and came across this July 2013 Ted Talk by William Li about diet and cancer prevention. That's 200% awesome if you don't have cancer. But what if you already have it? Researchers already knew, in 1923, that cancer cells use a ton of glucose (the nutrient we get from digesting carbohydrates) - more than regular cells. This is because they grow much faster than normal cells, so they need the extra energy. If you starve your body, even for a few hours, your cells can switch to using fat or protein. But do cancer cells do the same thing? Research from MIT says yes. Lucky for us, then, in July 2013 some great people at the University of Southampton have found something that cancer cells need for survival that normal cells don't need. More research from July 2013, thanks to the Thomas Jefferson University, resulted in this study about starving cancer cells through manipulating diet. Have you tried a diet approach to overcoming cancer, or know someone who has? Or do you think it's all a bunch of bunk?
99-deaths-of-jar-jar-binksThe gungan everyone loves to hate -- Jar Jar Binks -- will meet his maker in horrible ways at the hands of 99 artists in "99 Deaths of Jar Jar," an art show organized by DKE Toys. Each drawing will be for sale at the DKE booth at Designer Con in PasadenaNov 9&10, plus a mimemographed zine of all the Jar Jar offings will also be available. Take a peek at our drawing, below left, and check out the many ways other artists have envisioned his demise at Designer Con!
SharkUterusBite1If you're female, chances are you've probably been on your period while on a summer vacation at the beach at least once in your life. You've probably also felt a fish or some other sea creature brush by your leg in the murky water, making your brain jump to the worst case scenario: Sharks! Does being on your period mean sharks are more likely to attack you? Here's a great little article that explains why we don't have much evidence on the subject. The good news is that shark attacks are not really that common. Well, compared to the higher chances of car accidents and rip tides killing or hurting you. Besides, did you know that only 3 types of sharks care that much about attacking humans? These are the great white, bull, and tiger sharks. Had enough of shark week and the fear of sharks? Here's a great photo of sharks and humans happily sharing the same waters.