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Kidneystones2Ever wondered what kidney stones are? They're really just a bunch of minerals that clump together instead of staying dissolved in the pee that the kidneys make. Just a little reminder to STAY HYDRATED during the summer! For more specific info on these little buggers, here's a ton of info about kidney stones.
sell_kidney_0724Though the unwitting organ donor left in a bathtub full of ice story is little more than a tall tale, the need for donated kidneys is very real. These popular organs are indeed in short supply, so much so that 44 people were arrested for brokering the sale of kidneys to a few of the approximately 80,000 Americans waiting for a donor organ. An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal remarks that it's not so shocking for someone to try and profit from the buying and selling of kidneys, since there's so much money involved and lives are quite literally at stake. Some medical ethicists argue that people should be allowed to sell their own kidneys because the worldwide kidney shortage is so bad. Others say paying people for their kidneys would exploit the poor, especially in countries like India. Anyway, what do you think? [photo by Getty Images via Time]