Intestine Meme - IBS IBD Meme - Colitis Crohns HumorC'mon, Intestine, do us a solid! Waiting for a poop can feel like forever sometimes....Β πŸš½Β πŸš½Β πŸš½Β πŸš½Β πŸš½Β πŸš½Β πŸš½Β πŸš½Β πŸ’©Β  Hoping for a smooth move!

Intestines and poop -- always together, inseparable besties forever!!!! Or... at least until you go to the bathroom. πŸ’©

How much poop do our intestines carry around every day? Your large intestine is a pretty awesome trash compactor -- it takes in 500 mL of indigestible food and turns it into 150 mL of feces. That's like turning a pint of liquid into a heaping half cup. Wow!