prostateHere's a couple studies sure to be popular with men -- both coffee and beer have been tapped as possible ways to help prevent prostate cancer. ABC News wisely notes that these studies tend to get more attention than they deserve because people want to believe them. One doc wondered why prostate cancer rates weren't already lower since American men have never shied away from either coffee or beer. Note that exercise has also shown prostate cancer fighting properties, but who's excited about that? {via USA Today}
bladderEver wonder why coffee makes you pee so much more? You likely know caffeine is a diuretic, meaning, something that causes your kidneys to produce more urine. We were wondering if all this extra pee processing was tough on the ol' bladder, however, research has shown that coffee's diuretic effects aren't that much stronger than, say, a glass of water. So unless you're mainlining five cups a day, or you have bladder issues, your lovely ol' excretory system should be able to handle your coffee needs so you can stay perky.
UroClub+01Why bother letting someone pee in the woods when you could make a product for it instead? Enter the Uro-Club, a portable urinal disguised as a golf club that was developed by a urologist who, we guess, likes to play golf and pee privately. We saw this unusual item on the Shark Tank season finale, where the guy was looking for some capital to get the pee iron off the ground, so to speak. Golf courses are not short on shrubs or trees -- why is this thing necessary? Ask yourself, as a man, what's more awkward -- sneaking off to a nearby shrub, or whipping out a plastic tube and putting your junk in it in front of all your buddies? Just tell 'em: "No, no, I'm just golfing under this towel." But peeing on the green doesn't get publicity, or make a great golfer gag gift, so maybe this will help this Florida urologist retire early. When the portable toilet disguised as a golf bag is coming out, my friend Simon wants to know? That's gotta be next.