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Where do you bring your bowels? To the doctor's office? To the bathroom? To your colonoscopy? To a scary doctor's appointment? Let us know in the comments below where your intestine plush has been. We're glad our guts can be your friend.

Intestine Plush Pillow

Feeling crappy? You're not alone! Digestive disorders affect 60-70 million Americans, according to the National Institute of Health. We'd love to know more about how your intestine pillow has helped you during tough times.

Intestine Pillow - Cough Pillow After Surgery - Cough-Buddy Pillow

Not only is our intestine cute, it includes the small intestine, large intestine and adorable appendix to boot. It's the complete system, and if you have a friend who is having part of their digestive system removed, this soft fluffy smiling intestine is just the thing to replace those missing parts. And there's more! Our intestine plush also comes with a multi-page booklet packed with digestive system details, so you can learn a thing or two.

Intestin Pillow - IBD Humor - IBD Gift - Ulcerative Colitis Gift

Don't take it from us though, read our intestine pillow reviews on Amazon and see for yourself how others have found cheer even through colon cancer and Crohns disease: "My best friend came to the hospital with a new set of intestines for me. Not only was it incredibly hilarious but it was also helpful too. The intestine pillow works amazing as a post operative cough pillow to hold tight to your abdomen. During my month long stay in the hospital I showed off my pillow to all of the staff and they loved it."

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