Today I learned that a lifesize human skeleton replica will cost you around 200 bucks (or, save a few bones with the 33 inch version by Anatomy Warehouse). Bones are expensive! Those grave robbers knew what they were doing.

While we're alive, bones and muscles work together. The bones support the muscles, and the muscles make the bones move. Without bones, we would just be a blob, stuck in one place. Even snakes have skeletons that let them bite & slither on the ground. Luckily, we have a lot of bones to help us do fun things & run from scary things. There are 206 bones in the adult human body, but we're born with more --270 -- so we can squeeze out of our mom's uterus. As we grow up, some bones fuse together to give us a stronger skeleton. 

Some important bones include the pelvis (hip bone), knee bones (patella & leg bones), skull and humorous. Your skull is especially important, because it protects your brain! Your spinal column supports the bones on the upper half of your body, as well as your pelvis (ribs, shoulder bones and skull); if it is injured or you don't eat enough calcium, your neck and shoulders may develop a permanent slouch.

Now sit up straight

SharkUterusBite1If you're female, chances are you've probably been on your period while on a summer vacation at the beach at least once in your life. You've probably also felt a fish or some other sea creature brush by your leg in the murky water, making your brain jump to the worst case scenario: Sharks! Does being on your period mean sharks are more likely to attack you? Here's a great little article that explains why we don't have much evidence on the subject. The good news is that shark attacks are not really that common. Well, compared to the higher chances of car accidents and rip tides killing or hurting you. Besides, did you know that only 3 types of sharks care that much about attacking humans? These are the great white, bull, and tiger sharks. Had enough of shark week and the fear of sharks? Here's a great photo of sharks and humans happily sharing the same waters.