SebaceousAndPituitary Check out these awesome hand-sewn pituitary and sebaceous glands, thanks to jellyfishghost3 on instagram!
It's been getting crafty here at Guts HQ... This very special I Heart Guts reversible handmade tote bag is a great way to show you're gutsy inside and out. Part of our ongoing quest to use these cease-and-desist shirts we can't sell but can't bear to throw away, either, my fabulous cohort Rachel got crazy with the sewing machine and learned how to make a bag out of t-shirts (along with some tweaking of her own devising). Black on one side (using this tee), white on the other, this satchel goes with everything! Just the thing to carry a book, your phone, and a little snack to the beach this summer, take a look and see what you think.
web_minimarket_flier_frontI wasn't going to post anything on Unique LA's Mini-Market at Space 15 Twenty until later in the month, but since they announced there will be FREE BEER, we figured we should give your livers advance notice. Stop by 1520 N. Cahuenga in Hollywood, CA, for this special parking lot sale, conveniently located near Amoeba Records and the Hollywood Farmer's Market, August 23rd, 10am - 4pm, we will be there shilling guts and swilling Pabst. Some of our favorite vendors will be there, too, including Two Rabbits Studios (great band posters), Eva Franco (fantastic clothing designer), Stella Neptune (silkscreened vintage wear) and Kinckerocker (adorable undies). Won't you stop by and say hello? See you there.
big-la-bannerChicago's hometown craft fair is coming to Los Angeles, and we can't wait to climb aboard with our guts! We had so much fun at last summer's San Francisco show in NorCal, we were delighted to learn Renegade is expanding into SoCal as well. Not only is is heartening to see crafty affairs such as this one expanding in "these troubled times" but we Angelenos enjoy seeing the local craft thrive, even down here in amongst the hell of plastic surgery and Juicy Couture sweatsuits. Now could someone please get the Korean taco truck and Ambient Haircut to hit Renegade and we'll be in heaven? July 11+12, 11-7 both days. Come visit! Anyone wearing I Heart Guts tees gets a free present! UPDATE: we're also gonna be at Renegade San Francisco! Come visit, wear guts and get a gift!