Our new thyroid keychain, working its way through last night's Halloween haul. Anybody wanna trade some Tootsie Rolls for Almond Joys?


Appendixes should never get this big, but we wanted to make one big enough to cuddle. Here's a sneak peek at the prototype for our new plush appendix, brought to you by popular demand! I guess many of you know people with appendicitis or folks who have had appendectomies. Also, oddly enough, we have had frequent requests for a plushie thyroid, so that little fellow is in the works as well, see below. We should release these sometime in Fall 2011 so stay tuned for these oh-so-soft body parts!
thyroid-glandTend to obsess over your health? Then don't read Merck's Manual of Medical Information. Pick it up and you will quickly fall down the rabbit hole of the index, where you can find every malady you've had, might have and will have over your lifetime. It's a miracle our bodies function at all, really.