SebaceousAndPituitary Check out these awesome hand-sewn pituitary and sebaceous glands, thanks to jellyfishghost3 on instagram!
Picture 9We had tons of fun at Renegade LA last weekend, met many good people and had a ball talking about pituitary gland dysfunction, spleen disorders and other such topics at the show. We tried to make the best of a crappy out-of-the-way booth spot with some special "urine luck" bladder and "rest your testicles" signs for the bathrooms (someone stole my testicle sign, boo hoo!) -- see photos, all by FiddybobiddyFiddy on Flickr. Now the guts are hitting the road to get up to Renegade San Francisco at the Fort Mason Pavillion this weekend! Details and more here, hope to see you there! Wear a gutsy see and get a free lapel pin of your choice!
We have long loved the Renegade Craft Fair, and lamented its absence from the west coast craft scene. Well hoo-ray and yee-haw, the fair is coming to San Francisco and the Guts will be there! Our pals over at The Particle Zoo will also be in effect, along with hundreds of other indie-rock vendors and maker-type geeks. Our hope is that Renegade continues its national domination and sets up shop down here in old Los Angeles, where we have a big, gaping, empty sad hole where Bazaar Bizarre used to be (Greg, come back! We miss you). And we're not sure what's going on with Felt Club for the summer, either. Our best guess is that Felt Clubmaster Jenny is still exhausted from last year's two XL events. We hope she's enjoying a wine cooler poolside somewhere during her well-deserved break.