"I'd like to buy a bowel, Pat." No, for real, I actually really want a new bowel.
Happy Crohn's and Colitis Week to all you Intestinal Warriors out there!

There are so many moments to remember from our time at New York Comic Con 2017. Here are some of our favorites!

Wakka wakka wakka, Pac Man is hungry for cervixes — or should we say Pap Man?
Our new lovely pink donut cervix plush are also available in our shop!


No colon, still rollin’. Disemboweled zombie cop from Resident Evil takes a bite outta our intestines.
How will you incorporate a Colon plush into your own cosplay creations?
I Heart Guts Plush Internal OrgansAll your favorite plush internal organs in one happy place! We now have a plush stuffed adrenal gland for all your adrenaline junkies out there, and a fluffy pituitary joining the rest of the guts gang, so check those out.
Oh there are so many wonderful new things in the world of huggable colons! First of all, we have a crocheted sad colon made by Alicia Kachmar, who created this unsmiling cutie after being hospitalized for ulcerative colitis, a painful debilitating condition. On the bright side, she'll be submitting this to the fantastic Plush You! show in Seattle this fall. Karin Yamagiwa Madan of Stumpytown made this adorably disturbing organ-spilling kitty for  a group show at the Flatcolor Gallery, also in Seattle. Adorn Jewelry made this incredible intestine out of recycled fabrics as part of an entire plush body to use as an anatomy teaching tool - amazing! And -- oh happy day! -- our new Immense Intestines are here and available for purchase on our website!