INTESTINECOFFEEENEMAOkay. What. Is. A. Coffee Enema?! First of all, you'll need to know what a normal enema is. If you don't know what it is, consider yourself lucky, then click the link above! Basic enemas are a solution of water and sodium phosphate in high enough concentration that water actually leaves tissues near the colon. Water does this because of a law called osmosis. Osmosis is water's way of trying to balance concentrations of liquid. Water likes to go to places with higher concentration so it can dilute them. Now that you know what a regular enema is, it's time for coffee enemas! These bad boys are basically the same idea, but with coffee instead of sodium phosphate. Apparently people use coffee enemas to help detoxify the liver; the idea is to wake up the liver so it creates more glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that your body makes, and one of its jobs is to detoxify! Coffee enemas are becoming quite popular, and some people are even addicted to them. Here's another person who is probably addicted to enemas. Have you ever tried a normal enema, or even a coffee enema? Please comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts!
bladderEver wonder why coffee makes you pee so much more? You likely know caffeine is a diuretic, meaning, something that causes your kidneys to produce more urine. We were wondering if all this extra pee processing was tough on the ol' bladder, however, research has shown that coffee's diuretic effects aren't that much stronger than, say, a glass of water. So unless you're mainlining five cups a day, or you have bladder issues, your lovely ol' excretory system should be able to handle your coffee needs so you can stay perky.
A_small_cup_of_coffeeIt's 12:18 p.m., and by now, the glorious effects of your first coffee of the day are probably wearing off. Before you head off to Starbucks for that second cup, think about your poor adrenal glands. Caffeine gives you a mental boost by firing off neurons in the brain (sounds great, doesn't it?), which signals the pituitary to secrete hormones that get the adrenal glands to pump your body full of adrenaline.  Over time, all this extra adrenal stimulation can wear out the glands, depleting your defense system, according to Natural News. For those of us who love coffee and all it does for big bursts of focus and creativity, this is lousy news, of course. So until you've got the guts to quit, just tell your adrenal glands you're sorry.