LungCapacity How healthy are your lungs? Now you can test how efficient your lungs are, right from your own smartphone! An app called SpiroSmart acts like a spirometer, and even comes quite close to the accuracy of medical spirometers. All you do is take a deep breath and breathe toward your phone, which analyzes the reverberation of your lips. Have you ever used this app, or a spirometer before? I would love to hear your stories below.      
Yesterday I was planning on writing about MC Spleen, a French rapper and beat-boxer extraordinaire with a great name. But almost better than a rhymer named after everyone's favorite lymph organ is Dr. John Clarke, the medical director for New York's Long Island Railroad who recently won a contest put on by the Center for Disease Control to create an infectious public service announcement about H1N1 flu. New York magazine gives him props for rhyming "hand sanitizer" with "I advise ya," and when I heard him on NPR yesterday he also rapped about asthma, with an impressive integration of icky lyrics about mucous.