Get ga-lactic with our crazy space boobs! Breast of Both Worlds design is available as a baby tee, adult shirt, sweatshirt, mug, tote bag, breast notebook (great lactation consultant gift!) and even a phone case. All colors, sizes and styles, you get to choose. Celebrate the universal appreciation for breasts and all they do. Perfect for the breastfeeding baby whose world actually does revolve around boobs.
Which phrase goes best with our new lymph node buddy? The most infectious to me are "Love at First Cyte" and "Lymph For the Moment" but I like the spirit of "Fighting For You!" I'm having a hard time choosing a fave - help me! Another one we thought of was "Lymphomaniac," but believe it or not  it's been done before.
Some photos from the Grab Your Gonads event near Houston, Texas, which raised money to help a fellow with stage 3 testicular cancer pay for the aggressive treatment not covered by insurance. We helped design custom shirts especially for the event, which raised $6,000 for Matt! Looks like everyone had a great time, despite the seriousness of the event, and more than a few people donned a testicle pin or two. Thanks to Kandice McBride for the photos and for setting up the fundraiser and thanks to everyone who banded together to help.
We've been waiting with bated breath for our plush reproductive glands to arrive, and hooray, hooray, they are finally here and are available for purchase now! The first three folks to order any of the four new glands -- testis, ovary, mammary or prostate -- will get a free Spill Your Guts journal! So whether you're celebrating your vasectomy or mourning a recent mammogram, one of these plushes just might need to go home with you.