craftacularlogo-smNext up, we'll be at the Bust Craftacular in Los Angeles this coming Saturday, so please do stop by! Yet another chance to get amazing handmade and/or weird stuff for the holidays and avoid the mall. Weekend after that (Dec. 13-14), the guts will be at Unique Los Angeles, a two-day show with a ton of local vendors (voted a shopping "best bet" by the Los Angeles Times), should be a very good showing and is great for those last-minute shoppers out there. There'll be an open bar at Bust from 4-5pm, and Unique is getting sponsorship from Pabst Blue Ribbon, so hang onto your livers! Come visit and keep me company and I'll give you a free Liver Not a Fighter sticker -- does that sound like bribery to you? It is.
picture-8Hooray, we can't wait for Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco, comin' up thanksgiving weekend! The holiday handmade retail show is promises to have the same ol' freaky good stuff they always bring together, from happy fruit to felted frozen dinners (isn't that incredible?), satin robots and all kinds of other stuff. The show's emphasis on weirdness makes it a favorite of ours, and we are still bummed the Los Angeles show seems to be no more. Anyway, please stop by our booth, the show is at 9th Ave and Lincoln Way in San Francisco, Sunday Nov. 30, 11am-7pm. Don't miss it!