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Who else suffers from a bad case of the bug bites every summer? Whether camping, hanging out at the lake or beach, or just sun bathing in your backyard -- the bugs are alway out to get ya! Don't forget your bug spray or your blood may be the next mosquito victim!

Blood Plush Toy - Blood Stuffed Animal - Blood Donor Gift Blood, blood, blood -- we need it and we bleed it. ❤️Soft and snuggly blood drop is a the perfect pal to squeeze as you're giving or getting blood! ❤️ Delight your favorite hematologist, phlebotomist or blood donor with this 9.5" x 7" x 6" blood drop plush toy. Comes with a booklet pumped full of info all about this life-giving liquid! ❤️

How Does Blood Work - What does Blood do? - Blood Explained for Kids

Blood is a liquid that flows inside every inch of your body through a network of tubes called your circulatory system. Your blood carries fuel, food and messages inside your body. It also provides defense and removes waste. Your blood visits every single cell, making deliveries and taking out the trash. Blood cells trade oxygen — fuel that turns food into energy — for carbon dioxide, which the body doesn’t use. CO2 is sent to the lungs, exhaled, and eaten by trees. Your circulatory system is powered by a powerful pump -- your heart!

Blood Stuffed Toy - Blood Plush - Blood Stuffed Animal
A portion of profits on the blood plush toy will be donated to Partners in Health. They bring quality permanent health care to the most vulnerable all over the world, including a response to COVID19, which, we are learning more and more, creates dangerous life-threatening blood clots that threaten all organs in the body. For ages 3 and up. Handmade in China at an ethically certified factory. Meets and exceeds toy safety standards. ❤️

Blood Mug - Blood Donor Gift - Phlebotomist Gift - Blood Gift - Phlebotomy GiftKeep 'em guessing about what you're drinking. Throw some high-octane coffee in our cute new blood mug, toss in some red food coloring and maybe you can freak out your phlebotomist friends. Did you know what MGUS is an acronym for monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance --  a condition when abnormal proteins are found in the blood? Get your MGUS MUGS here.