Have weird dreams last night? ✨👽✨🔮✨👺✨ Thank your pineal gland! This special endocrine gland lives inside your brain and secretes melatonin, a sleepy substance that tells us when to hit the hay.
💥 Melatonin helps you get into deep REM sleep, when most dreams occur. 🛏 💤
💥 The pineal also helps convert serotonin, which regulates feelings of well-being.
💥 Even though it’s deep inside your brain, your pineal gland can detect light so it can regulate our sleep-wake cycle! How? The pineal talks to receptors on the back of the eyeball. 👁
💥 Descartes thought the pineal gland contained “tiny animal spirits.” Uhhhh..
💥 In “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” Hunter S. Thompson’s main character took every psychotropic drug 💊💉 under the sun, but famously refused to touch “extract of pineal.” 
💥 The pineal produces DMT, a hallucinogen, but not in large enough amounts to see UFOs or freaky clown robots. 🤡👽👾

Who knows the difference between poop 💩 and a fart 💨? Your rectum, that's who! Let's take a moment to shine some light on this underappreciated organ, who -- along with your brain -- makes important important decisions about what leaves your body every day. When feces move into your rectum, nerve receptors inside the rectum tell the brain if it's gas or poop. If it's gas, your brain gives the OK to let it out. If it's poop, brain gives the signal that you'd better get to a toilet 🚽, pronto! Be glad your rectum knows which is which, or you'd end up in some pretty "interesting" situations. Thank you, Rectum!


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Spleen plush and erasers with scissors

Did you know spleens can multiply? If your spleen happens to get hurt, and parts of the spleen end up in other parts of your abdomen, the spleen cells can regenerate into mini-spleens if there are enough blood vessels around to feed them. About one in five people have these so-called "accessory spleens," and they are waaay better for your immune system than say, a necklace.

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Did you know taking care of your teeth impacts your overall health?

Studies show that poor dental hygiene is linked to heart disease and diabetes, as well as the dreaded gum disease. Even more reason to give more love to those pearly whites, and hug your dental hygienist this Dental Health Month!